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  1. Matt

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    Improving PageSpeed needs a layered approach. There are many things you can do with your server configuration (Invision Community Cloud and Enterprise customers need not worry about this, our cloud platform is optimised already). Sending CSS/JS as gzip, ensuring gzip encoding is on, consider using a CDN to speed up delivery of assets, etc. Software side, we continue to make improvements. We have a plan for re-engineering how javascript and CSS is compiled to make the file sizes smaller. Just keep in mind that a community platform is much more complex than a simple website, or Wordpress site. A community platform deals with user generated content, which means dealing with external assets such as YouTube embeds, images, GIFs and more. SEO remains central to our development plans. Outside of PageSpeed, we continue to improve with JSON-LD, sitemaps and more.
  2. We have considered this and we would only make it so the member could request it, but not actually do it. There'd need to be a cooling off period, etc. Easy in the heat of the moment to delete everything and then ask for backups the next day.
  3. It should prevent them from posting. If that isn't the case, submit a support ticket and we will investigate for you.
  4. Absolutely, that makes sense. I guess there is pressure from companies to not allow browsers to do what Apple did with iOS and have a simple way to remove tracking cookies. Annoying for software developers though!
  5. We use the Facebook Pixel, and we use Google analytics, and we occasionally run Google Ad campaigns. I'll add these to our own cookie page. Side note: I do wish browsers would just take care of this. They can detect cookies and can easily determine what the cookie is for.
  6. Well, friends, what a journey we've been on since we started work on Invision Community 4.6.0. With 11 developers accumulating 934 commits over 3,157 files changing 120,281 lines of code, we're ready to show it to the world. Along with over 260 bug fixes, this new release contains some great new functionality. Let's take a look at what's new. Achievements Achievements, badges, ranks, rules, gamification, whatever you want to call it, this is the most significant feature for Invision Community 4.6.0. This brings a whole new level of earning and showing trust to other members while gently nudging more quality contributions to your community. Zapier integration Do you want new member registrations to magically appear in a Google spreadsheet? Perhaps you want members who opt-in for newsletters to be added to Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign. Cloud and Enterprise customers can do all this and more without writing a single line of code, thanks to Zapier. Web app and push notifications We took the time to round out our PWA (progressive web application) framework for 4.6.0 to include service workers, push notifications and more. I barely understand it, but Rikki takes you through the changes in our blog entry. Anonymous posting For some types of community, where discussion topics are particularly sensitive, community owners want to make sure that members register with their real details but are given the option to post anonymously where appropriate. For example, organisations dealing with abuse or sensitive topics might want the member to feel safe and disinhibited to post info without fear of being identified by the rest of the community. Solved content In Invision Community 4.6.0, we have rounded out our "solved" feature by allowing the feature to be enabled on a regular forum, along with notifications, statistics and more. Show when a team member has replied When you're scanning a list of topics, it's helpful to know when a community team member has replied, as these replies tend to have more authority and are more likely to resolve an issue. 4.6.0 adds a feature to show when a member of the team has replied. Health dashboard As Invision Community is a top of the line community platform with excellent developers and an amazing QA team, it's unlikely ever to go wrong. On the infrequent occasions that you need to identify potential issues within your community, the new health dashboard makes it easier to diagnose problems and request support. Spam improvements Our Enterprise customers run very visible and very busy communities. One of the pain points they had was identifying and limiting the annoyance of spam within the community. We created a new round of improvements based on that feedback to mitigate spam, and these changes are available to all Invision Community owners with 4.6.0. Cloud and Enterprise customers will also benefit from multiple under-the-hood optimisations for our cloud platform, including better caching of resources for faster response times. Let me know in the comments which feature you're looking forward to the most!
  7. I'd go back to plain text with Markdown. One thing we do want to do is do something extra for Pages. The functions you need for most topics/replies is vastly different to what you will need for pages construction.
  8. Matt


    This new release brings many new features to Invision Community.
  9. Appreciate the follow-up here Jim!
  10. Delaying the update from when to when?
  11. Spam is as much a part of life on the internet as emoji overuse, serial GIF abuse and regretful tweeting. But I'm not here to talk about how I conduct myself online; I wanted to talk about three spam improvements coming to Invision Community 4.6. As you may be aware, Invision Community has its own Spam Defense functionality, which uses a mixture of crowdsourced data, publicly available data and our own special sauce to help reduce the number of spam accounts that get through the registration system. Invision Community also has several other tools to mitigate spam post-registration. These tools have served us well, but as spammers evolve, so must our systems. Here's what's coming to our next release. Spam Defense Scoring I can't divulge too much on our Spam Defense system lest we give spammers targeting Invision Community information that can assist them. Still, we have made several changes to our Spam Defense system. These include rebalancing the score thresholds, checking against known TOR networks and proxies and using other data in the public domain to inform our scoring decisions. Spam Defense Blocking The current implementation of our Spam Defense only allows options to either prevent registration entirely or put the registration in an approval queue. However, the days when Spam Bots stood out from normal registrations are long gone, and it's hard to know if an account in an approval queue is legitimate or not. In 4.6, we've added a new Spam Defense option that you can choose to allow the registration but put the new members into the posting approval queue, meaning their posts will need moderator approval before being published. This reduces the decision burden and makes it easier to take a chance on a low score from the Spam Defense system and review their posts before they are made public. Word Filters We have added a new option to the Word Filters to allow content containing specific words or phrases to be held for moderator approval where the author has less than a set threshold of posts. For example, you may notice an increase in spam targeting "CBD Oil" and add it to the word filter list to hold the content for moderator approval. This works great and captures a good number of spam posts; however, your regular members get frustrated when they want to talk about CDB Oil in their posts. This new option allows you to set a trust level for allowing these words to be used without capturing them for approval. We hope these three changes to our spam controls will reduce the level of spam you get in your community! I'd love to know what's the weirdest spam (that is safe for work!) you've seen in your community.
  12. To recap: You do not need to enable the new rules, badges and ranks. There is an option pre-upgrade that asks you if you want to switch to the new system or not. If you choose not to, then you retain the existing ranks you already have. The upgrade will also move any custom titles across to a new custom profile field. If you want to show the custom member title under the user's photo in a post, then just switch on these custom field settings which are off after the upgrade.
  13. The 4.6 release now moves all existing custom titles to a new custom field.
  14. We're very much aware of CKEditor 5. As mentioned above, the migration to v5 isn't a simple case of dropping in the new files. We'd need to re-code all of our custom plugins that handle many things including embedding, drag and drop uploading and much more. CKEditor 4 is supported until 2023. While CKEditor 5 brings many useful new things, it's not urgent enough for us to "down tools" and focus a 6-12 week block on it. It's on our roadmap along with other javascript improvements that we want to develop and deploy.
  15. There's lots we can do, but we really want to focus on the things we're really good at, which is enabling discussion. We have no plans to move into a hosting management market as it would require a lot of resources to compete an develop effectively.
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