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  1. Pete T, details sent via PM.
  2. I'm still having the problem with the shoutbox. 1.4.1 version.
  3. It says. "You can not add restrictions to your own account" Also when editing member group permissions it doesen't show any writitng on the left just the options.
  4. I am getting the error when going to the settings via ACP. " alt="c4QcYz7.png">
  5. Still getting the error. :(
  6. Where is FURL located can't find it in "Look & Feel" thanks.
  7. I have installed this shoutbox and I have this error in my ACP when trying to edit the shoutbox settings. System Error [#404] incorrect_furl Go Back Go to Dashboard Go to Module Home Anyone know what this is?
  8. I will just uninstall it, should be fine :P
  9. This what mine looks like - I am using Shoutbox 1.4.1 Beta 1 or something are you?
  10. Fixed it thank you Eric. Were has the Theme 1 and Theme 2 options gone were the box to type in to shout in the shoutbox. Were you could edit it from being from the side and being below the shoutbox.
  11. I am getting this error.. Fatal error: Call to a member function announcement() on a non-object in /home3/ashleys/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/shoutbox/sources/classes/library.php on line 397 I recached my skins and still got the same problem, thanks!
  12. I agree guys, it should be fixed, $175 for a license it is a lot for a forum software, never mind paying $25 every 6 months. Surely the developers get paid enough money.
  13. IPB is never going downhill, it's going uphill in my opinion. Keep up the good work guys. :)
  14. You guys should have a Promotion section, because any other forum software has it.
  15. How can I add my license key to my profile? So then I can download from the Download area. Thank you.
  16. Thanks Colin, I will rewind this back, I was putting in the wrong account number. I have now bought the software thanks guys, please lock.
  17. I don't understand why it's fraud, all the information I put in is all my real information from the credit card I have.
  18. The support on this forum is kinda slow, I have e-mailed you guys about the error I get while I try and purchase the IP.Board. I am getting this error. "Your payment could not be processed as it did not pass our anti-fraud requirements. Please select a different payment method, or contact us for more information." I am using a Visa card with the right details. What's the problem? I've been waiting for around 5-8 hours now for a reply, if I don't get a reply within the next 3 hours then I will be going to XenForo or vBulletin. Thank you.
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