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  1. Recover deleted posts,

    I would love deleted posts to be stored in a trash forum that only I can access. That way I can see them all in one place and filter, keep or purge them as I see fit.
  2. I mistakenly did not run a manual process and it caused the whole upgrade to irreparably crash. This required me to reload all my backups and start again. Second time round running the manual queries worked well and everything upgraded properly. Lesson learnt the hard way.
  3. Images not showing in posts

    New posts show the images correctly, is this part of the background rebuild process and I just need to be patient on this as I have a large forum ?
  4. I have upgraded to RC4 but no images are showing in posts. When I click on edit the images are there but not showing in normal view. Am I missing some setting to display images?
  5. One thing that I have been desperate to have is a new version of Classified sales for 4.0 and I take it that the proposed Physical Market Place will be just that. Please can you consider giving the seller the ability to specify what currency they want to list the sale in. I run a multinational forum and many sellers want to list their sales in a local currency. Now I am not suggesting that you can cater for all currencies but certainly the ability to list items in US CDN AUS $, GBP £ and EUR € would be a great help.
  6. Theme Upload problem

    Thanks for the help I have updated the php.ini on the server.
  7. Is there a limit to theme size as when I try and upload a theme (3.5mb) which I create din a trial version it says there is a 2mb limit for theme uploads.
  8. Minor skin issue

    Thanks for the help appreciated.
  9. Minor skin issue

    Thanks of the suggestion it is not a custom skin so what stylesheet does .ipsbox sit in as i can't seem to find it. Thanks
  10. I seem to be getting a lot of white space in short posts with not much text any ideas. Thanks.
  11. Text Editor

    Ok managed to fix this eventually. It was something to do with the skin not loading properly and creating a new default skin fixed it.
  12. Text Editor

    Just upgraded my test site to Beta 3 and the text editor is just greyed out with no tool bar showing and not letting me enter any text. Have I overlooked something simple?
  13. Image size has always been a confusing issue with IPB. I would like a simplistic way of setting maximum image sizes per members group by file size. This combined with the ability for members to upload any size images and the images will be automatically reduced to the maximum limit. I know this is just about currently achievable but it is not straightforward to set up and the size reduction is rather random.
  14. Great concept. I am very frustrated with the whole upload situation as rival software seems to have solutions which I cant offer. This is costing me as members are using rival forums instead. I would like the ability for users to simply drag and drop images or even just upload any size images which is automatically reduced in size to a predetermined max size. Image dimensions is only half the battle here, it is the actual footprint memory size as many members just can't be bothered or simply do not how to manipulate images in editors before uploading. This either leads to crazy size images being uploaded or alternatively members just not bothering if the size is too restrictive.
  15. After much confusion I have realised that the image compression settings within IP Board are for dynamic images. I know you can restrict max image size per group but this is dependent on the user being able to resize images prior to upload. Is there any thought into creating a feature similar to Gallery where a default max upload size can be set per user group and any images uploaded over that limit will be compressed to that size. This is a really useful feature and would help users who are not familiar with image resizing or too lazy to resize prior to posting.