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  1. Meddysong

    4.4: Store Filters and other Commerce updates

    Mega! We sell books and Commerce prior to 4.4 is a little bit limiting, certainly compared to what seems plausible soon πŸ™‚
  2. Meddysong

    Hrvatski jezik

    Zao mi je ali ne mislim da ... and that's where I have to stop 😞 If you can't find a translation in the Marketplace then I'm afraid you'll have to create your own, which takes a very long time (as I know from experience!)
  3. Meddysong

    Clubs and Updates.

    Join the, ehem, club. This has been requested over and over again pretty much since the first day that we got to play with Clubs.
  4. On my site I use the Downloads app to upload files which may be relatively large. These include MP3 files of conversations for language learners, scans of old magazines and so on. In order to be able to upload these, I've set a fairly generous upload_max_filesize and post_max_size. Unfortunately for me, that's resulted in users posting images into Forum and Calendar posts which are far larger than they need to be. I understand that I could start users off in member groups with maximum storage limitations imposed or attempt to be very hands-on with messaging people concerned (/removing their attachments and replacing them with appropriate ones) but none of this is ideal. What would be better would be something along the lines of one of the following: An attachment to Downloads can be X mB but in Forums is Y mB Users in group 1 can upload attachments up to X mB but group 2 can only do Y mB. Filetype .pdf can be uploaded up to X mB, .mp3 up to Y mB, and all other files Z mB. Is there scope for introducing something along these lines in a future version rather than the one-size-fits-all approach?
  5. Meddysong

    This site - unlogical navigation?

    This site is actually two installations of IC. I wonder whether the main page is installation 1 (which has the client area) and not part of the community site (installation 2) which shows notifications.
  6. You've got stroke around here, buddy. Make it so! πŸ™‚
  7. It seems that @MMXII has the same thoughts that I do: If this were the Forums app or a Pages database, there wouldn't be any problem with a parent category being used as a container. If we do this in Downloads, we end up with an undesirable outcome: In my scenario, I won't be uploading to the parent category. I don't want an invitation to submit the first file and I don't want other people to be informed that I haven't yet submitted a file into the parent category: I've thought about using CSS to hide .cDownloadsCategoryTable but as best I can tell, there's no way to target a specific category so it would be an all or nothing approach:
  8. Meddysong

    Blog categories...again

    I'll give that a +1. Such a frustrating part of Downloads and inconsistent with how other apps in the suite are.
  9. Meddysong

    Security questions: ignore case

    ^^ And more feedback. I'd logged out of my alternative account (which uses a different card than my other sites) and back in as this one (the one I actually use) and it nonetheless posted for the earlier session.
  10. He originally mentioned sending emails to billing in an earlier thread. IPS responded that there isn't an email address for billing and asked him which address he'd sent to. He didn't respond to that question. He later claimed to have sent in several support requests but IPS could only find one, from a whopping 13 minutes before.
  11. Only current clients can download the software. You had the option to do that when you were a client. It's not anybody else's fault if you chose not to do it. You can pay a renewal fee to become a current client again (like the rest of us do) and spend all day downloading copies afterwards if you like.
  12. That surprises me, Steve. I bought a domain name from a new registrar this year and it was over and done in minutes. Same last year when I bought one from somewhere else. (I have a preferred registrar where all my long-term domains are managed but if I only need something for a few months and find a special offer for the name, I'm happy to use a new company.)
  13. Meddysong

    Q & A challenge to register

    Got it, folks -- thank you. I'd seen System: Question and Answer Challenge in the ACP search bar but couldn't find anything relevant. I now know it's a tab which only appears when Allow registrations is set to Yes. Problem solved πŸ™‚
  14. It's possible to allow guests to post after verification. What I'd like to do is allow registration only for people who pass a Q&A challenge. I have two scenarios: 1) One of my sites is a support base for people who have bought my book. I don't charge but I only want to offer help to those particular people. I'd like to have a range of questions, one of which will be presented to people trying to register, along the lines of "What is the fourth item in the vocabulary list in unit 10?" If they get the answer correct, they can register. 2) I'm inviting several members of my family to a renaissance banquet for my 40th. I live away from them all so am going to put a site together giving relevant details. There's nothing here that's particularly sensitive or private, I just don't want the whole world to be able to see details about my birthday. So I'd like to use the permissions system so that only registered members can see content, and only people who answer the question "What is the birthday boy's name?" can successfully become site members. I'm willing to pay for a mod but I thought it might be nice core functionality too so thought I'd raise the suggestion πŸ™‚
  15. Meddysong

    Team Talk: What would you do with $1,000,000?

    I'd pay off the rest of the mortgage and then say to my better half "I've got Β£965,000. As soon as you want to, give up work." And the reason I'd do that is because she's worked her socks off over the years in a job she really dislikes, long hours under stress, to put us in a position where we can have lots of holidays and still be not far off paying the mortgage in one third of the time we were supposed to. I do my bit but I earn far less for doing something that I enjoy. Once we're in the clear, she's earned the right never to have to work again if she doesn't want to. And a 5% return on Β£965k (around Β£48k) is more than we need to live very comfortably, so I suppose I might find it tempting to give up too in this situation.
  16. Sorry, having seen the images I now realise that I gave you the wrong answer earlier. It's possible to post HTML in articles if you have permission but not PHP, IPS's template logic, etc.
  17. Meddysong

    Team Talk: What's on your bookshelf?

    I took more than that to the charity shop last year to make space ? I can get a bit out of control with reading if I end up in the zone. This was the pile of books I read in 2016: And I think this was 2015's: Getting busy and learning how to use the internet on my phone (ie I now idle in bed when I can't sleep instead of getting up and reading for a few hours) means I'm on a paltry 30 or so books so far this year.
  18. This isn't considered to be a bug so I've been asked to post in feedback instead. Not all of us use English on our sites. And not all of our languages behave like English. One of the problems for me is that the language string guidelines is used in the Guest Terms Bar ("See our Guidelines") but is also the title of the page Guidelines. This puts me in a difficult position because the word guidelines has different grammatical roles in the two situations. It does in English too (in the former it's a direct object); we just don't indicate the change in role anymore in English, unless using pronouns. In my language (and in the Slavic languages, such as Russian, or in Finnish, or Hungarian, or occasionally in German ...) we have to mark the change in role by changing the form of the word. (We do in English too with pronouns: it's the difference between I and me, or he and him.) Whether a change is made so that I can have a grammatically correct sentence seems to depend on my getting lots of support for this particular change. Well, I don't know about support, but I think it might at least be helpful if people from language backgrounds other than English can confirm that their languages too inflect for case. It's my hope that the unhelpful approach of "English does it this way and we won't accommodate changes if it's pointed out that we're forcing uses to have grammatically incorrect sentences" becomes sidelined if we can get people from different backgrounds to confirm that English's caseless system isn't universal. @opentype Can you confirm that German uses cases and that IPS's occasional "like English" approach sometimes forces you to have ungrammatical sentences? @hmikko Same request for Finnish. @Upgradeovec Same request for Russian. Anybody else? Feel free to make your voices heard!
  19. Until now I missed the first post! Yes, that does a good job of demonstrating why there's a problem. Pages handles things differently, unfortunately. There are circumstances where my cases aren't quite correct. For example, I write the indefinite article in its accusative form because that's how it would usually be used (it appears usually as "X added + [indefinite article] to Y") but sometimes it needs to be in another case. There's not much you can do about that, unfortunately.
  20. Yes, this is for translation. Lithuanian reply/replies, for example, looks like this: And that should be rendered within the system by: {# [%1:atsakymas][10-20,%0:atsakymΕ³][?:atsakymai]}
  21. That's possible, Sonja. @Mark developed this pluralization system to be adaptable for precisely this scenario, his example being Slovak and how the noun changes depending on the number: (Has it really been five years since the blogs introducing IPS4?! The years have whizzed by!)
  22. Meddysong

    Blog categories...again

    Yes, please. Without categories, it doesn't take many blogs for things to become unwieldy.
  23. Thank you! Mine has two cases and prepositions but in the context of "guidelines", the first instance requires my first case whilst the second needs one to mark the direct object. I too have managed to cope usually with little tricks. That's not possible for me in this case though. (I imagine you have the same problem with the word "guidelines" when it's used as a title and when it appears in "see our guidelines".)
  24. Meddysong

    Chocolate / Support topic

    I'm getting this message when trying to upgrade to 4.3.5: Incompatible Themes Some of your themes are not compatible with the version you are upgrading to because they include modifications to templates and/or CSS files which this version needs to update. If you obtained the affected themes from a designer you should contact them to ask if a new version of the themes are available for this version. If there is, continue with the upgrade and then update the themes after. If there is not an update available, you may want to remove those themes or wait until new versions are available before proceeding. If you modified the affected themes yourself, you can use the links below to review your customisations. If the customisations are no longer required, you can revert them, otherwise you will need to incorporate the changes made by the version you are upgrading to. For more details on the theme changes in this version, see the Theme Differences Documentation. Chocolate core β†’ front β†’ global β†’ mobileNavigation
  25. Meddysong

    Team Talk: Which job would you be terrible at?

    I often think I would've loved to be a vet. But, y'know ... snakes. No thank you. I suppose in the real world being a diplomat would be a problem. Or being a defence lawyer. OK, I know that people are often accused of crimes they hadn't actually committed and so merit the best efforts of a professional to try to make the jury reach a verdict of not guilty, but it'd be on my mind that lots of people professing innocence would actually be guilty too. I don't think I'd be capable of defending someone against a weak prosecutor if I believed they were actually guilty of something heinous.