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  1. opentype's post in Help customize meta tags was marked as the answer   
    The meta tags can be overridden from any Pages template used to render the current page. You can add variables there as well. 
    {{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTagsTitle = "Whatever ".$something ;}} {{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['og:description'] = "Something else" ;}} You can put that into the record template for example. 
  2. opentype's post in Don't show field if there is no $Value was marked as the answer   
    {{if $formValue}} // Your code {{endif}} Wrap it all like this. 
  3. opentype's post in Achievements not correct size & padding seems off was marked as the answer   
    Just click the “create new” button in the ACP. It’s as simple as that. 
  4. opentype's post in Page Builder: Media Embed - Override Max Video Width Setting was marked as the answer   
    The default custom CSS for the block looks something like this:
    .app_cms_pagebuilderoembed_mp1qzgnrk { } Change it to:
    .app_cms_pagebuilderoembed_mp1qzgnrk .ipsEmbeddedVideo { width:50%; } Just to give you an idea. Don’t copy this code. Targeting the .ipsEmbeddedVideo is the key. 
  5. opentype's post in Cannot find to translate Badges texts? was marked as the answer   
    I repeat: “View word keys?”
    That doesn’t require “highlighting”. 
  6. opentype's post in Multiple images upload - Pages > fields (record) was marked as the answer   
    Something to start with:
    {{if $formValue}} <div class="ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone"> {{foreach $value as $file}} <div class="ipsGrid_span4 ipsSpacer_bottom"> <img src="{file='$file' extension='cms_Records'}" class="ipsImage"> </div> {{endforeach}} </div> {{endif}}  
  7. opentype's post in You are not permitted to register a user Account was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure that’s the spam protection kicking in. It has nothing to do with the Commerce settings. 
  8. opentype's post in Doubt about navigation. Restrict access to content after... was marked as the answer   
  9. opentype's post in Favicon refuses to show was marked as the answer   
    It works. 
    Favicons are heavily cached by the browsers. Reloading a page doesn’t refresh them if they were changed. 
  10. opentype's post in Is it possible to change title based on device screen size? was marked as the answer   
    You can’t do that in the template code, because when it is parsed on the server, the server doesn’t know what device it will be displayed on. 
    However, the IPS framework has CSS classed to achieve this, so while both statements would be in the HTML code for everyone, one part could show on mobile devices only and another one only on desktop.
  11. opentype's post in Choose who sees widgets? was marked as the answer   
    It kind of exist already. You just need to create a custom Pages block from the widget you need permissions for. 
  12. opentype's post in Adding PHP function to IPS theme was marked as the answer   
    You need to use the template syntax as explained here on several pages. 
  13. opentype's post in Custom stream as home page was marked as the answer   
    Kind of. You can create a new page with Pages and then add the Activity Stream widget on it. It doesn’t allow you to chose an existing stream, but there are some settings to create a custom stream. 
    You can also link a custom stream as “home” link from the menu, but that wouldn’t automatically picked up from other places like the logo. I am actually using that on one of my sites and I customized the logo template to link to “discover/6/”

  14. opentype's post in Topics not posts on feeds was marked as the answer   
    You can create that feed, but it needs to be a custom feed, not the All Content feed, which as the name already says, shows all content always. 
  15. opentype's post in How to filter by additional custom fields in a template? was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, it works like that. The featured records template is meant like a “blog homepage showing latest articles”. It doesn’t do much more. 
    Everything to control this view is in the database settings:

    You can narrow down the selection to certain categories or featured records only but that’s it. 
  16. opentype's post in Database Category Pages was marked as the answer   
    Click on the pencil icon first to activate custom permission. After that, the permission settings will appear in that drop-down menu. 
  17. opentype's post in I need a fresh copy of the Default Theme 4..5 was marked as the answer   
    You just click the button in the ACP to create a new one. 
  18. opentype's post in Best practice for adding buttons & links in Plugin Settings was marked as the answer   
    Did you nest the quotes properly? 
    'mymessage' => "<a href='#'>link</a>" or 'mymessage' => '<a href="#">link</a>'  
  19. opentype's post in How to hide forums for new users was marked as the answer   
    That’s what group promotions are for. You push the new members in a “new member” group, which has the limits you want. Then you set up an auto promotion to your “regular member” group, which kicks in with 15 posts reached. 
  20. opentype's post in Get Thumbnail of pages database custom upload field? was marked as the answer   
    $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('news_image_header', 'thumbs')  
  21. opentype's post in Using Custom Fonts was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like you misunderstand that part. That refers to the few given options like Lato, Open Sans, Roboto.  
    You can put the @font-face declarations in the theme’s custom.css.
    After that you would have to assign this font to elements like “body”, “h1“ or something like that. 
  22. opentype's post in Subcategories image was marked as the answer   
    No. Categories don’t have images. There is a Marketplace plugin to change that (assuming this is a Pages screenshot), but you would still need to code the templates yourself. 
  23. opentype's post in Cookie notice plugin was marked as the answer   
    type “cookies” in the ACP search bar.

  24. opentype's post in "id" and "class" attributes removed when posting was marked as the answer   
    You need to put the class name in that whitelisting field, not the CSS values you want to set. 
  25. opentype's post in Importing Article Site Into Pages was marked as the answer   
    No plugin needed. Just as with the sub-title, you add that as a field. The field is called “Database Relationship”. 
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