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How to add multiple sorting options to Pages?

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33 minutes ago, opentype said:

One could however create listing templates that look like those frontpage/article views. 

This is what I do regularly. Example for recordRow in Listing Template:

<div id='elTable_{$table->uniqueId}1' data-role="ipsGrid">
    {{$articles = $rows;}}
    {{foreach $articles as $id => $record}}
        <div class="ipsBox ipsSpacer_top{{if $record->hidden()}} ipsModerated{{endif}}" data-rowID="{$record->_id}">
            {template="entry" app="cms" location="database" group="FXPages_Blog_List_Category_Articles" params="$record, $record::database(), $table"}

I just replace everything belonging to the row with an entry from Featured template.

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