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Topic Title Font Varies

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I follow this board mainly with the 'unread content' activity stream.  I'm surprised no one has commented on this weird topic title font issue.

Most of the topic titles displayed in the stream are the standard size but a few are almost double for the entire topic.  Is this a result of some setting for a particular forum?

Could contain: Page, Text, Cutlery, Fork, Person, Brush, Device, Tool

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8 hours ago, TracyIsland said:

Ah, hmmm well wouldn't it be more user friendly to mark with a label that says 'new?'

You're welcome to make any suggestions you wish in our Feedback forum. I am not one to say we need to keep things just because the way they have been, but it has been like this for the duration of the version 4 lifetime (almost a decade). Usually, just takes members a few seconds to tell what is new/old in my experience. However, the beauty of the theme system is you can change that to whatever you would like if you disagree 🙂 

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