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  1. Would be cool to tip members (a forum currency worth something).
  2. I most definitely cannot justify to spend that much money on something that should be a basic forum ability. (literally every forum out there have this built in.)
  3. It would be nice if the IPS could have link previews. This is my IPS forum: This is that same post on a competitors forum
  4. Seems this is going to be a thing now.
  5. @mods can you move this topic to the client lounge I think it would be more relevant there?
  6. Hello guys, I hope someone can help me, I'm not a adwords guru. I created some Google ads for my forum the ads performs well in terms of clicks I am getting, but I'd like to setup conversation tracking in adwords instead as that will enable me to adjust my billing more accurately to pay per converted member. The question is, how does one setup a successful member registration as a conversion on Google ads? (hoping some of you are experienced with running ad campaigns for your IPs sites.)
  7. Our forum gets spammed to death with Russian bots filling it in. No idea how IPS can prevent it, but I suppose this is going to be a problem.
  8. Glad to be a bug bounty hunter. Where do I manage this? The forum has been flooded with spammers since this was enabled (none fully registered yet (thank god)) how can I go in and delete these posts before they get the chance to register?
  9. Another one, how will I prevent this post from showing to users if this spammer responds to the Post before registration email and registers.
  10. I have 'Post Before Registering' enabled. A guest posted, I can see the post with my admin account (I can see its Russian spam), however, I cannot access the content (I want to remove it). I can see it: But I cannot access it: Anyone else?
  11. Works on my end (I upgraded last night). What php version are you running atm. What version of mysql/mariadb. What caching method did you choose?
  12. I am on Cpanel (will need to investigate if there is a redis plugin and if it will be supported by my host.)
  13. Okay I see the chat is broken, let me see if the author has a new plugin. Chatbox updated, boom works. IPS and team, take my money sons! Awesome.
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