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  1. Yeah, I asked about this as well years ago. Two modes (add or subtract tax) would be nice to have. Probably not enough demand to make such a substantial change, because it affects every spot that prices are calculated.
  2. Yeah, your HTML is broken and it forces the text to be transparent in areas where it shouldn’t be transparent. I would try to turn off all 3rd-party plugins/apps and check the group formatting. Where does the coloring of the groups come from? Maybe that’s it.
  3. That doesn’t refute anything I said. If you set up a test account we could use to login, we could probably give more details, but as you said, it doesn’t happen for guests.
  4. Check your color settings and everything related to that. My guess is, it’s white links on white background.
  5. I haven’t checked all the code for this, but I would expect that the cookies DO time out—UNLESS you keep coming back to the site every day or every couple of days. And this action then resets the expiration time. At least from a user’s perspective, that’s what I would expect. Being logged out suddenly for no apparent reason is NOT what I would expect when I set “keep me logged in”.
  6. Google’s tool is just a machine. I wouldn’t obsess about making it happy. The smallest possible images might not be the best possible images for the users. And if you re-use the same image in a widget as on the database listing view, that’s an advantage! The images are already present!
  7. Same answer as above. Preventing access entirely is usually done at the server level. But it still doesn’t get you very far. If someone really wants to cause trouble, they will figure out how to change IP addresses. In general: what is available to guests, is public. If you want more privacy, you can consider removing guest access to certain areas like user profiles. I don’t think guest IP bans will solve your problem.
  8. No. The images (thumbnail + hires) are created when you upload the image. You can’t call a different size. Database settings → Options tab
  9. You can change the default value in the database settings. But it will only work for new uploads.
  10. The plugin is not needed anymore, as the functionality has been added to 4.6: Instructions are here: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/advanced-options/configuration-options/facebook-and-instagram-embedding-r359/ A new problem is that Facebook will turn off the embedding functionality soon unless you go through an elaborate review process:
  11. Yes, you said that several times. We got that loud and clear. But you were asked by IPS staff to RESPOND AGAIN to that ticket if the issue persists and is apparently not caused by third-party code. Now please do that, as three people in this topic have advised. Adriano tried his best to help you here through the forums, but even he now suggests to go through a ticket as the issue apparently cannot be identified from a distance. And yes, tickets might take several days. Not hearing back about non-critical issues for 28 hours on a weekend is perfectly normal.
  12. If it can be replicated for specific posts and users, isolating the problem through a ticket should be no problem.
  13. Is there a live demo? What I would want to check or know: Is it using thumbnails or full images? How are the images displayed? E.g. will a tall portrait image be cropped or stretch the post? Can I target that implementation via CSS for customizations?
  14. You would use the new achievement system and let it recalculate after you set up your rules.
  15. Click this button in the ACP to control what is in the default stream: You can only turn off showing changes for the profile pictures altogether. There is no specific setting to social media profile sync.
  16. Not to mention that other languages might use longer words which might render the truncated version meaningless.
  17. It would help to provide steps to reproduce this. I don’t even know what we are looking at. Where are those screenshots from? ACP? Front end? A form submission page? A widget? An app?
  18. The plugin works for any image format that Invision Community supports, including WebP in IC 4.6. However, I cannot control which image formats social media websites accept. I did a quick test. Twitter seems to accept WebP images, Facebook doesn’t currently. But you have to tell that to Facebook. It’s out of my control.
  19. You are already on that version.
  20. Yes, that’s how it works unfortunately. I would like to keep logged in on my phone and desktop computer at the same time.
  21. Topics with a marked answer cannot be opened anymore. Happens here on the forums and all my sites. Example: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/462565-link-back-to-landing-page/ Error: Call to a member function truncated() on null (0) Turning off “Enabled Solved” removed the error.
  22. Interesting. You might want to first try to report that as a bug to IPS. Because if the profiles aren’t accessible to guests, those links should not even be links. It’s more an IPS problem.
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