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  1. As explained in great detail on my FAQ page, support does NOT contain customization help in any way.
  2. Sure. That’s just like all IPS widgets work.
  3. Not perfectly sure what the question is. If you set the block to show 6 entries and if the ordering is set to “descending” then yes, you will always get the latest 6 entries.
  4. This should be the “sharer image” that is set up in the ACP (“icons and logos”). Displaying it this large is more a problem of Discord I would say. Making the original image smaller could mean that other services like Facebook will reject it. You could of course use a different aspect ratio for the sharer image. That could help a bit.
  5. Also, if I temporarily drag an image in the upload section, I get another copy of it. Wow, and yet another one. I just got someone else’s upload in my editor window without putting them there.
  6. I guess there is a (temporary?) problem on Facebook’s side. I don’t see sharer images for any link I try.
  7. In addition to the Our Picks page, you can also use the Our Picks widget and drag it anywhere on a page you want. IPS hat it at the bottom of the forum index ☞ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/
  8. Pretty sure that’s the spam protection kicking in. It has nothing to do with the Commerce settings.
  9. The code in the settings won’t be used for the title field. If you want to edit the appearance, you would have to do it in the Pages templates.
  10. Do you have Pages? You can create custom instances of almost all widgets there which have permissions attached to them.
  11. Those $record calls are for the display template itself only. The “display custom format” has completely different and limited options, which are listed below the form field.
  12. Not really. From the database settings:
  13. Just to cover all basics, there is also the application level permission setting: Guests can potentially be removed from there. This would affect the entire forum module.
  14. It’s the latest IPS release and the author is filled in correctly. The products are pretty standard and non-physical. One is a subscription with a membership change and one is non-physical without doing anything – that’s why I need the PM to deliver the service.
  15. The software doesn’t really support this procedure at this time. The usual way to do it is to try the upgrade and the customizations on a test installation, but then actually do it on the live install, which you take offline during the upgrade.
  16. It should work automatically. Reactions are a member group setting, not specific to certain areas. Are you sure you not just looking at your own entries, which will not have a react button.
  17. I bought it, installed it and added it to all my products. But after a couple of orders, no PMs seem to go out. There is nothing in my inbox and I logged in as a couple of clients and there is also no PM. There is also nothing in the IPS error logs. I set this up for “normal products”.
  18. What exactly is the “bug”? JQMIGRATE messages saying something is deprecated are not bugs. They are just hints which help developers with updating code to newer jQuery versions.
  19. The 4.5 version is now available. (YouTube support only)
  20. The “manage purchase” section would be /clients/purchases/ There are a couple more Commerce links. You can add them to the menu manager (even admin-only) to see and test them.
  21. I’m updating a plugin to 4.5 which contains widgets. The widget settings now automatically contain a Visibility tab—but it’s empty. How is that controlled? How to add the actual visibility settings? Or how to turn that off? I checked the forum and the developer section, but I don’t see any information about this.
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