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  1. The comment you quoted says more or less the opposite and explains it.
  2. Personally, I wouldn’t call uploaded files directly with the image URL from the uploads folder. That doesn’t count as an actual use in the system and the file might get deleted later. It is better to make it a theme resource and then call it like {resource= …} Also, make sure to not call http images, since your site is using https. At the moment, the page tries to load an http image, which by the way doesn’t even exist.
  3. I don’t follow. What action specifically are you performing where? What can be seen in the screenshot wouldn’t require any actions at all. Those accounts will be deleted automatically.
  4. We’ll see. At the moment, I bet 9 out of 10 people in my communities haven’t even heard of Discord. And the 10th person probably knows it but doesn’t use it. 😉
  5. So the problem is that you or your users don’t know they need to hit Enter twice? Is that what it is about? The description is not really clear. Not really sure how to solve this. An editor button would probably cause more confusion, since it’s a context-specific action, that requires the cursor to sit at a very specific spot. I also wouldn’t want to have an inline button pop out all the time I have the cursor in a quote.
  6. Your browser’s developer tools to “inspect“ the page source allow you to find the items to target (e.g. for removal).
  7. I’m not sure everyone would want to hide the stuff you want to hide. But if you need it, it’s like two lines of code in your custom.css. @media print { #ipsLayout_sidebar { display:none; } #ipsLayout_header {display:none; } }
  8. Which is surprising, since I would expect the vast majority of events being put on IPS calendars being local events with a local start time.
  9. Based on my 18 years as community admin, I completely disagree. Every busy community needs moderation and moderation needs a foundation in proper rules that members have a chance to know upfront – otherwise people will feel the moderator actions are arbitrary and unfair. And then the smallest action can make people leave the community angrily forever. And vague rules are identical to non-existing rules. It’s pointless to state “we reserve the right to delete posts at any time”. I need to know specifically what could cause a deletion. Otherwise I might spend hours crafting elaborate responses and then have them deleted after seconds. Of course I would get very angry with that. On my sites, I even take this further. Not only have I specific rules, I even have escalation steps for rule violation. So a user first gets a small warning with a link to the rules. Then if they brake the rules again, it’s clearly their fault. The ball is in their corner and they can’t blame the admin anymore or say “but I didn’t know this rule”. I also don’t buy the argument of possibly misreading rules. If that would come up, I would just fix it by clearing up the misunderstanding. And even if that would be impossible, this problem wouldn’t outweigh the benefits of having detailed rules. Just as I wouldn’t say: people something misread traffic signs and that can cause problems. So let’s tear down all traffic signs to avoid that and tell drivers or cops to use their best judgement. That clearly wouldn’t work. In addition: I simply prevent arguing over rules and moderation actions by having another rule about that. 😉 I explain that admin decisions are final and that you cannot open a closed topic again or open a topic to complaining about a moderation action. That prevents any such debates.
  10. You could use the group promotion feature to demote a member from a regular group to a group which can’t do anything after 2 years.
  11. The change on the site in the code is instant. I can’t influence what the social media sites are doing. If you see the regular sharer image, it was either cached by the social media site, or the plugin couldn’t find a proper attachment to use.
  12. The structural problem in Pages is that a record is not only virtually tied to the category, but also in the URL, e.g. page/category/record-r1 With this setup, you can’t easily assign multiple categories, since that would creative different URLs for the same record. Or you need some kind of alias forwarding hack, which might not be very user friendly.
  13. It’s a structural decision to tie objects to one parent container or not. There are pros and cons for both choices. So the argument it’s outdated (“2000”) doesn’t really work. Look at the file system of any computer. You put a file (“the original”) in ONE folder within nested folders. That’s exactly what the IPS framework does. There is also nothing wrong with more choices, but as Adriano said, if the core doesn’t support that, it’s not easy to just add that as a feature to Pages for example. Maybe it can be revisited for 5.0.
  14. Still same answer. 😉 Create a Pages database. You can use the records as lessons and categories for courses, nested chapters and so on. You could also check out my Pages template sets to make the display of your course more appealing or useful. For example, SuperDocs has a records navigation column on the record display page, which works nicely to let people jump between the lessons of a course. I use it myself for an online course section.
  15. 3rd-party: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9143-sd-course-box/ Stock option: You can sell access to member groups and then use Pages databases to deliver the content to members of these groups.
  16. You just need to fill the settings under Appearance → Icons & Logos.
  17. I guess you are using the Terms of Service field for this, right? A simple way around the limitation of those special pages would be to set up your Guidelines page as page in Pages. That would give you much more control.
  18. Sure. That message is a recommendation about server security. It’s supposed to be helpful. So again: what is “the problem”?
  19. Or no one knows what “the problem“ is supposed to be.
  20. Personally, I rather download a PDF and look at it full screen in a native PDF reader than trying to scroll through the tiny pages embedded in another page (the website). The latter means really bad usability.
  21. I do it the same way. Here is an example of my typography site’s monthly newsletter: The subject lines are meant to stoke interest and don’t feel like ‘yet another newsletter’. This principle continues within the newsletter. I manually select specific content I feel worth highlighting from the community. And I make sure that the majority of the content is meant to be useful to the member. I might put advertising content in there as well, but it will never dominate the newsletter. That way, the members are more likely to continue to read my newsletters in the future.
  22. Well, actually, as long as there is an ID, the entire FURL part is irrelevant. Proof: Original: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/community-management/ideation-within-invision-community-r1156/ Changed: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/community-management/matt-wrote-something-r1156/ So uppercase and lowercase won’t matter. But if you set a custom FURL, then that is the unique URL for the record. I wouldn’t call it a bug that a different URL doesn’t resolve, nor would I know why you would want this. Are you expecting people to manually type out Pages record URLs and make uppercase/lowercase mistakes? Because that is the only scenario I can think of where the functionality you expect would make any sense.
  23. Your logic doesn’t work. Removing the email field (minus one field) and adding a phone field (plus one field) still ends up with the same field count. On what planet? I’m using the internet heavily since the 1990s and haven’t once used a phone-number-only community site. In regards to privacy, giving websites my phone number is really bad anyway. What kind of site are you building?
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