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  1. What’s the problem exactly? You are just giving us one of the many index status types.
  2. It sounds like you have a second language installed and there is no translation for the activated language.
  3. Database settings: “Publish Date” instead of “Last Update Date”.
  4. Are you sure the upload process on the side of the user is identical?
  5. Regarding bounced bulk mails, I usually just click the unsubscribe link in the returned email. This works even when logged in with my admin account and I don’t have to open the ACP at all. It might help a little.
  6. Of course, but that wasn’t the context. Individual JPGs, PDFs in an article are very different than 1 gigabyte video. I would hide the latter behind the Downloads app, which can prevent public download links. There are also not just bandwidth concerns. If someone hot-links some files from my article, at least I stay in control of that actual file and can remove it or change it again in the future. If I prevent linking, they might download the files and upload them to their own server, removing my control over the file entirely. That could be worse. There are many considerations … That’s why I asked so many questions. Caching images and other resources is actually part of the free plan as well.
  7. You can paste image URLs here in the editor and see what happens. If it works, it wouldn’t embed. Don’t even need to submit the post. Not sure why that is a concern to you. Is your host really charging that much that it matters? If so, I would probably rather run the site through something like Cloudflare to cache everything.
  8. So is it downloads or content embedded in those articles? And do you want to prevent embedding or any kind of access, like a plain link that opens the PDF/image et cetera?
  9. At least bulk-mails shouldn’t go out to validated members. Not sure about things like topic-subscriptions, PM notifications and things like that.
  10. I think Gallery on cloud installation should take care of MOV and other formats. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community/whats-new-in-gallery-r1270/
  11. I agree. A typical use for me is to onboard users while the site is still in development and public registrations are turned off. Unless there is a native invite feature, creating users manually would be the only option for this scenario, but there is no good reason to not create proper member accounts with accepted terms, privacy and a dedicated newsletter choice, when the accounts are set up this way.
  12. https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/file/263-validating-force-user-to-change-email-address/
  13. You have to piece this information together by going through the various parts of the statistics area. On some pages you can set the date range to “last year”, which will essentially show you what was going on this year if you open this page at the end of the year. Some areas can only do monthly views as the longest period, so you would have to calculate the result over the year yourself.
  14. In which template exactly do you need this? Is there a file object present already or where does the attachment come from?
  15. And the fear mongering usually employed to push it (so the ones pushing it can benefit). Looking at the website and the additional conspiracy theories it also pushes, I learned all I need to know.
  16. Yes. But it’s meant to hide regular HTML output, not stop scripts from running.
  17. There is no specific database-setting for that. You can only turn commenting on or off, set group permissions who can comment and you can decide if all comments are moderated or not. There is no exception to have just guest-posts moderated for a specific database. For guest-specific settings, global posting settings would apply (e.g. Post before Register settings).
  18. It’s from an editor button called “Page”. I don’t see it in your screenshot above, but you could check the permissions to make sure it’s not active for other user groups. If you don’t use that button, do you have bb code still enabled? It this case, you want to turn that off.
  19. It’s not clear what you are asking. What’s “social share”? What are you trying to achieve and how?
  20. The issue is probably in your Meta developer account. You have to prove your eligibility over and over again and go through a lengthy process to get the necessary permissions for individual services. I’ve given up on it. It’s just not worth it anymore.
  21. It’s the first link in the mobileNavBar template pointing to {setting="base_url"}. (Personally, I would rather reconsider the use of your homepage than trying to find every possible use of $base_url to manually override it.)
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