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  1. It’s an option in the ACP: Customization → Editor → Settings → Advanced → Allowed CSS classes
  2. Not relevant to the issue, but to be fixed later: don’t use hard-coded styles. Create a custom CSS class for the theme and call that. Also, white-list all classes. It doesn’t matter for the admin account, but will matter for user accounts.
  3. IPS is moving in the other direction and removing options to mess with these things. It’s just not something the average Invision Community user needs. That being said, it’s actually pretty easy to set up a custom plugin or app to apply global CSS and JavaScript code. And on a self-hosted installation, you could also just set up your global code on the file system and then call it from each theme. So, there are multiple options to achieve it. But IPS will probably not create a dedicated feature for it.
  4. This post is stuck under /discover/unread ever since it was published. Opening it or Mark site read doesn’t help. How can I get rid of it?
  5. Hard to investigate without access to the device. But I would try the regular (not pop-up) form and, if necessary, reloading that page. It available at yourdomain.com/register/
  6. There is an “ignore” feature which works in a similar way. https://invisioncommunity.com/ignore/ Each use can choose to ignore “posts“, “messages” and “mentions”.
  7. That’s my guess as well. There is a different between “attached” (at the end) and “attached and moved into the content”.
  8. Safari’s caching method. It’s not related to Invision Community.
  9. “clear system caches” in the support section usually helps for problems like that.
  10. You can tell Google to not index images through the robots.txt.
  11. Turn on the group setting to moderate new posts from new members and approve them manually. Automatic methods to detect spam will always be limited.
  12. It looks like you are accidentally using Apple’s Reading View. https://www.makeuseof.com/how-to-use-reader-view-in-safari/
  13. There is a short registration confirmation email. You can just change the language string “email_reg_complete” in the translation settings and turn it into a welcome message. That’s what I do.
  14. Yes. You probably don’t see it because you are looking at your own records, which you can’t react to.
  15. It’s also a database/category level permission. Also, pay attention to the difference between reviews and ratings. Only one system can be active at a time.
  16. Articles (aka Pages databases) have ratings. I use it all the time.
  17. opentype

    IC5: Theme Tools

    Real-world example: for my many Pages databases, the output of the database relationship field as comma-separated list is usually insufficient, so I would replace what’s in cms -> front -> global -> basicRelationship and add record images, grid views and so on. How would I do that now? From what I understand from the article, I would only be able to add stuff at dedicated locations, not replace anything.
  18. Plain text. I’m still surprised this isn’t the default with the IPS suite, even though it is everywhere else. You can’t paste color text in Facebook, Twitter and so on. It would only cause issues – as it does in Invision Community.
  19. Again, it goes on a listing page. The database front-page mode is not that. Categories are not relevant.
  20. You need to drag the filter widget on a database listing page. That’s what this setting is for. It can’t be tied to the badge display itself without custom coding.
  21. It’s also required for proper invoicing in many jurisdictions. So, I doubt that will be touched/removed.
  22. How do you define “new user”? A recently created account or an account created AFTER the terms were changed. The latter should certainly not be forced on an acceptance page again. They already accept the terms during registration. But once you force an acceptance after a change of the terms, all existent users will have to accept the terms. That would be working as intended. It also doesn’t matter that you try to save the terms again and this time don’t choose that option. You still have the pending acceptance from the first time. This has nothing to do with UX choices. It’s a legal requirement. The Terms of Service are a legally binding agreement and substantial changes need to be agreed upon. You can’t just make silent changes. That is why this intrusive process is necessary.
  23. The solution for the “phone problem” is to reduce the size allowed for attachments. On top of that, compression settings for uploads are also available. That covers almost every use case. Very few people would need to mess around with additional options to convert the existing content.
  24. But then you would manually have to feature and unfeature records to show them as new. The better options would be to use a custom field to create your custom badge(s). Here is a tutorial for a multi-badge setup from one field: https://www.opentype.space/superdocs/ips-community-tips/pages/multi-color-select-box-badges-with-pages-r16/
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