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  1. I guess it was just a temporary caching or routing issue in connection with the server move. Everything is working fine now.
  2. Anyone knows where this counter is stored in the database? With the Marketplace being removed and the plugins not having an update URL, this notification would stay there forever. I already cleared the update data in the plugins table, but the counter seems to be stored somewhere else.
  3. You can check in the Search Console. If there are technical reasons, it will say so. Or it will say “crawled, currently not indexed”, which means Google just doesn’t find the article relevant enough for search results. You can only influence that indirectly by promoting your articles organically. If Google sees that people find the article relevant, then it will be relevant for the index as well.
  4. It usually just works. Turn it on and then use the Test Settings button on the same page to send yourself a test email.
  5. Where? Your hosting usually comes with email sending capabilities initiated through PHP. Does that not work?
  6. Where are you hosted? What are your results with just PHP mail? Have you access to your DNS settings to optimize your mail delivery?
  7. That’s not much to go on. Please describe your needs. How much emails do you send per month? And what is you are struggling with currently without an external mail service? Do you hit send limits with your host? Do you have delivery issues?
  8. I’ve reported this already in September in a reply, but it might not have gotten attention this way. Steps to reproduce: visit an Invision Community website with Discovery as the homepage (like the one I link with this topic) and stay on the homepage delete all stored cookies if there are any Reload the page so the cookie bar appears on the homepage. Click Accept Cookies Result: Cookies get saved but the activity feed is removed and a page with an empty body is loaded (see screenshot) I can consistently replicate this on all my communities with Discovery as the homepage. It only happens for the root page “/”, not “/discover/6/" or anything like that. The browser doesn’t matter. It does not happen on a website where Forums or Pages is set as default app. The URL looks like this index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=cookies&do=cookieConsentToggle&ref=aH… So, it seems to fail to forward the user to the previous page because no “page” is detected. It would be nice to have a fix in the 4.x line. After all, the homepage is the most typical place where people will accept the cookie bar and presenting them with an empty page is not a very good start to keep people on the site.
  9. Good idea! Thanks! I probably didn’t because I was originally sure it had to do with php.ini settings on my new server. It happened for all file sizes. The 100 MB limit is not a problem with reasonable php.ini settings so IPS uploads large files in chunks.
  10. That’s not it unfortunately. I never had Rocket Loader on. I didn’t even change anything on the Cloudflare side other than pointing the DNS settings to the new server.
  11. Exactly. That’s how it worked until Invision Community 3.x when everything was centered around the forums. Since 4.x, everything comes together on the Discovery feeds. That should be the place to discover new content. An Invision Community site where content needs to be discovered by browsing the forum index (and the need to click through individual forums and forum posts to get to articles, galleries or whatever) would be an awful user experience.
  12. I’m currently moving my communities to a new managed server and everything works fine or better, but I have one strange issue: On one installation, the Files app doesn’t show a progress bar for new file uploads when Cloudflare is active. It seems like Cloudflare is interfering with the ajax/plupload(?) functions in the background. If I set the Cloudflare project into developer mode the problem goes away. Anyone got any ideas how to resolve that or even just investigate it further? I’m not sure what calls the upload form is making in the background or which Cloudflare settings could be relevant.
  13. Might be a bug. I remember seeing that behaviour. Which defeats the purpose of having a forum discussion for the article to begin with. People see a topic and can comment it, but they have to open the link first to read the article and then come back to use the full forum features for the discussion. It’s a mess. Like I said: it’s a legacy feature. It causes more harm than good.
  14. Already available as part of the group settings:
  15. Unless you are talking about credits, this should already be an option as part of the Payment Methods settings. Depending on the provider, there are different settings for automatic renewals (on, off, user-choice), saving payment details (to allow automatic payments) and so on. If all of that is turned off, it should just create an invoice and not take money automatically.
  16. It’s on your screenshot. You click the ‘New button’ under the stock templates and then choose a type. Here is an older topic where I reported these problems: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/465169-pages-templates-“revert”-button/ The labelling of the buttons is now better, but there is still no way to revert Pages templates like theme templates.
  17. This function is unfortunately flawed in Invision Community 4.x. You should never touch the original templates and instead create a custom version first. Of course that is of little help if you already changed the stock templates. It really needs a revert button. Maybe in 5.x?
  18. It’s not possible without someone coding a custom converter or doing it all manually. But IPS has already indicated that their apps will come closer together in the 5.x product line. So, maybe if you wait, IPS will make that happen in the future.
  19. That’s how it works. Moderating the user’s first ‘x’ entries is a group permission and the Blogs app uses that permission as well.
  20. It would be a nice feature request for 5.x. But for 4.x, there is just OG:images for database records, not pages themselves. The latter are just empty containers to put stuff onto them.
  21. After the PWA was installed, open the notification settings (bell symbol → notification settings). At the end, there is a setting for Push notifications to be turned on. It’s not on by default. After this option became available, I made a forum post in my communities to explain it to users. Example
  22. You need to install the website as an app (PWA). You can’t get the push notification from just browsing the website in Safari.
  23. Don’t use it. It’s a legacy feature from the time when the software was centered around the forums and cross-posting was the only way to show the forum users the articles. It’s not necessary anymore and only causes issues.
  24. The upscaling in the browser causes the graininess. What you ask for isn’t possible. You would need to increase the size, which by the way only affects new images, not existing uploads.
  25. You have some sub-menus on some entries. That’s why it’s there. If the submenu would only appear with some items, it would constantly appear and reappear and push the site content up and down while you hover over the menu. You wouldn’t want that.
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