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Is there a trick to redirection?

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I am on the hosted platform, but no access to email support yet.  I am using only the following code in a custom php block.

header("Location: https://myazurebox/id=". $_COOKIE["ips4_member_id"]);

When I call this block, nothing happens.    I can see the cookies are there.

If I add the exit command:

header("Location: https://myazurebox?id=". $_COOKIE["ips4_member_id"]);

I receive a generic error when I try to save the block.

Sorry!  The page you requested does not exist
Error code: 1S160/2

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Blocks are parsed in the body. In order for the header() function to execute, it must be done before any output is sent. 

So I don’t think you can actually do redirects within blocks… instead, I believe you might want to do this within your term with template logic. 

Someone else can keep me honest on this however as I’m not a coder.  I just do system administration.  🙂 

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3 hours ago, opentype said:

A template redirect looks like this:



Thank you.  I made a new page with just this on it and it worked great.  Thanks!

How would I go about appending a cookie to that? 

. $_COOKIE["ips4_member_id"]');}}

Comes out as this after redirection.



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