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  1. For what type of requests can I contact you?
    Please only send me a message for either support of my Marketplace submissions or if you want to hire me for something. 
    I do not give free support for general IPS-related questions via email or messenger. Ask in the forums. I might answer there. 
  2. Will you install your software on my site?
    Usually “no”. It’s a “teach a man how to fish” situation. If I install it for you, you won’t learn how to do it and I have to do it over and over again for every new update. I provide very detailed installation instructions. Just follow them and you will see how easy it is. If that doesn’t work, feel free to write in the support topic for the product. 
  3. I would like to change something. Do you help me with customization?
    Sorry, that’s not included in the support. I will only help you with the features specifically provided by the software. Since this is clearly pointed out here, I might simply ignore customization requests. For a detailed explanation, see addendum below. 
    If you want to customize my software, you can do it yourself or ask/hire someone to do it. But please do not ask me or other users in the support topics of my products. Also: If you ask others for help, never post larger chunks or entire templates of my commercial products online. 
  4. Can I suggest a new feature?
    Absolutely! Please write it down in the support topic for the Marketplace product. The feedback there helps me to decide what the most-requested features are. Please understand that while I consider every feature request, I might not comment it, i.e. give details when it will be implemented or explain why it might not be implemented. 
  5. Can I hire you for more features or any other customization work? 
    Sure! Feel free to contact me. 
    I only accept requests from people who can speak English (or my native language German) properly. If I can’t understand you easily, I won’t be able to help you properly. 
  6. I installed your template, but the CSS styling isn’t working. What should I do?
    4.2 merges CSS files and if there is a problem in your other CSS files (usually the custom.css), the CSS of my templates might not work at all. To test if this is the cause: Copy the content of your custom.css and empty the file. Save and check if the CSS for my templates is working now. If that is the case, paste the content of your custom.css in again and go through it to remove potential errors. Make sure to remove comments for example. They seem to cause problems. 
  7. I cannot purchase through the IPS Marketplace for some reason. Can I buy from your directly?
    No. My orders are handled exclusively through the IPS Marketplace at this time. 
  8. Can you provide downloadable copies for your products for IPS 4.5 and up? Can I use your products with multiple accounts?
    No. The processing of your orders of my products on the Marketplace is entirely handled through IPS and I get no personal data from IPS. So I am unable to perform even basic fraud checks, validate who is behind an account and so on. So as a general rule, everything needs to be handled through IPS. I do not provide downloadable copies of my products. I do not move a product from one account to another or anything like that.


Addendum: Why can’t you help me with customizations? (Detailed)

If you would hire me to code any of my Marketplace products specifically for you, they would each cost hundreds of dollars based on my hourly rate and the time to create the products. You can only get those products as cheap as around 10 to 20 dollars since the creation costs are shared among many customers and everyone can only use these products “as is”. I try my best to make products as versatile as possible, but there is a limit of how much options I can add.

So as soon as you ask me to help you with customizations, we are by definition back at a “custom” job.  If I spend 10 to 15 minutes to deal with a customization request and provide guidance or even test custom code for you, not only will I quickly have used up what I earned through your order, I will probably even start to loose money on you. Understandably, I’m not going to do that, unless the fault is on my part (e.g. bugs I need to fix). 

Keep in mind that while giving a little guidance seems not much to ask, I have hundreds of customers on this platform. If I help you with customizations, I should do the same for everyone and on that scale, the losses would accumulate quickly, my products would have to become much, much more expensive, or I would have to stop offering them at all. So to keep the prices reasonably, I try to make it clear here, that customization help is not provided at all. 
(Which is pretty normal by the way and not my special rule. I just put it in writing so customers can learn about in advance.)

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