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  1. What do you want them to look like? I have some blank ones you can download for free here: https://jimiwikman.se/files/file/47-rank-icons-for-invision-community/ If you have a theme you want to get more icons for, just make a wish, and I'll see what time permits.
  2. What browser are you using? Have you tried another browser? Is it just happening in admin, or also in frontend? Do you get anything in the logs? What PHP version are you using? Have you tried to re-upload the files for the forum once again? Have you checked the folders so they are writable? we'll get it sorted, no worries 🙂
  3. Go to FontAwesome Create an account Go to manage kits Create a kit (I use Free Webfont) Make sure you enable version 4 compability Copy the code at the top of how to use Go to your theme and edit templates Open globalTemplate and paste the code just before the </head> Save. Done 🙂
  4. Just add it manually for now? I have it on my site and it works fine.
  5. If you remove the Gameshot theme, does it work then? Try to disable all plugins as well and then enable them one by one until you find if any of them mess with the admin theme. It looks like something is messing up the JS, probably by adding a click event with reload for some reason.
  6. Thanks, I did not know that IPS used a standard error code for this 🙂 Then you should check your PHP version and if you have the modules for GD or ImageMagik installed.
  7. Error code 200 actually means success: https://httpstatuses.com/200 So is it just for uploads this happens? First check the group to see what limits you have there. If they are all in the same group then it is unlikely that this is the reason, but check just to be sure. Check the php.ini in root and in your account (if you allow account wide override) to make sure they are both set to the same values. Check storage space in the upload folder to make sure it is not set to a temp folder or have any CHMOD issues. ...also check the logs in admin under support. Run a report as well to see if it shows any issues
  8. This seems a bit situational? I have never had this need, but I can see the need for it. Not sure if it should be in core or as a plugin though. Probably a plugin is better? I like it. +1 Plugin for sure. +1 Plugin. +1 Never seen anyone paste an excel to be honest. Can it be solved using CSS maybe? I think that need some considerations, since it is not always that you want to remove clubs just because you want to remove someone's content. I see other ways to limit spambots for example that is probably better, but I see that there are situations it could be useful. I would say plugin though. I think this already exist, or maybe I misunderstood the concept. If it does not exist I would say plugin (because I did not understand it then and I am evil that way). Plugin I think... Plugin. Could be useful I guess. I'll give it a +1. Sounds a a bit excessive, but maybe if there is a lot of people needing it? You want a feature that pushes changes to TOS so every single member must agree again or be deleted? Sounds situational and probably best as a plugin? +1 A recursive filter when adding banned words. I though we already had that, but if not...+1 +1. With #17 below, this would already be taken care of, right? Depending on how many banned words you have you can do this manually, but adding a class to it so you can manage easier is good suggestion. +1 Can be managed if #17 is added. Not writing this to shut down any of your suggestions, just giving my thoughts on what might be better as plugins so you can dig deeper into that to get the community you want.
  9. Pages Category Images 2.0.0 seems to have bugged out a bit in 4.6? Is it just me or is it in need of a slight update?
  10. If I may, I would love to see a few updates to the Pages UI when working with templates and databases: Group Templates / Template sets - I tend to make quite a lot of templates for the different databases I have and while I can search for templates to locate the right group, it would be great if we could group sets of templates like we can with components and pages for example. This way I can add the 4 template groups into one set, or group all form templates into one group, to make it easier to find the set I am looking for. Template naming improvements - Right now all pages template names must be in lower caps when creating them. You can change this after creation, but it is still a bit annoying if you have a naming convention for all templates that you want to use. I suggest you separate the label and the ID so we can use labels any way we want, but the ID is still in lower caps format. Allow repositioning templates - If you accidentally place a template in the wrong place today, you have to delete the file and recreate it again in a new group. I suggest you change that so I can edit not just the name, but allow me to move or create a new group even if the file is created. Collapse all databases - at the moment all databases are listed in the left column with the three sections below. This makes things a bit cluttered and I would suggest that we list just the name of the databases and make it so you can expand each database to show the fields, categories and items under it. That would make it easier to scan for the right template when you have many. For extra points, you could add "collapse all" and "expand all" to quickly open or close all database sections. Alternate color rows for database fields - Right now all rows are white. This makes it a bit tricky to follow when you are on a big screen, and an alternate color styling would help that a lot. That would be all for now 🙂
  11. There is something with the server that takes a very long time. The dns and ssl resolve look fine, but then it takes the server ages to respond. So I think you need to do internal checks to see what happens after the server get the request. I am guessing there is a latency in the resolve and also the database connection is probably slowing things up. Check the internal connectivity and make some tests to see just how fast things move after the initial request.
  12. Then we know it was a good suggestion 🙂
  13. Not true. It depends on what the keyword is. That is why long tail strategies exist that makes high rankings far easier. Speed is still just one factor so even if you load in a few milliseconds you will still not rank in the top 10 without offsite strategies. Content is still king and dwell time and quality of content still rank a lot higher than speed. This is why most companies spend money on offsite/onsite SEO or advertising over speed as long as speed is acceptable. For e-commerce for example they spend more time on CRO than speed and their biggest concern is always duplicate content, conversion funnel and landing pages with targeted offsite strategies. Even though 1 second will give a 15-30% less conversion on mobile in the first funnel that is still less of a concern than the other issues. Just to be clear: I have no objections against making Invision Community faster or more W3C valid. Everyone wins in that scenario 🙂 I admire you for having the energy to put into such an endeavor and whatever your end goal is I hope you achieve it.
  14. Very interesting and a nice flashback seeing Alexa rank 🙂 I though that died out years ago, but there you go 🙂 Ok, so you see a drop when your Alexa rank drops, that would be because some of the keywords you rank on drop down below the 25-30 top ranking I assume? The graph looks a bit odd though because it looks like you had a degrading situation for a while and then it jumped up? Are you sure you weren't in a Google filter during that time because it looks like you got back up to roughly the same levels, but still slightly lover from the previous peak? May I ask what speed difference you experienced on desktop and mobile after the upgrade? It seems strange that you have so many errors though. I have 6 errors on my site when checking and it is all my fault (hence very easy to fix) and this forum have 1 error (missing ALT). Nothing that should be a cause for any concern unless you are aiming for an AAA WCAG rating? I take it that my site that has no SEO or speed optimization also have these redirects, so would you mind pointing me to one so I see what kind of mayhem it's causing? Thank you for sharing, I find these things fascinating and very interesting!
  15. Welcome to the Invision Community Nick, glad to have you here and as you can see we like to help if we can so don't be a stranger and of course....enjoy your new Invision Community setup 🙂
  16. Do you by any chance have Cloudflare configured for this site, or tried it at one time? It looks like the frontend does not resolve properly and it actually takes 7 seconds for the server to respond. Once it responds things looks very fast, but there is something going on that locks the request for a while before it can get the server to respond.
  17. As a quickfix you can add two filter components. One above the database with show only in mobile and one to the right with show only on desktop. Just use the visibility feature to target properly. Otherwise, you probably need to change the markup from using flexbox to CSS grid so you can position the filter independently of the sidebar widget area.
  18. Not at all, I am just wondering if you are competing at the level where that actually will make or break anything for you? Onsite SEO is of course best practice that your software support, especially if you have a commerce application and page speed should be acceptable of course. Having the fastest site though will not give you the top spot in rankings, not even by a long shot. It is an edge against competitors only if their offsite SEO is on equal ground to yours. I have done quite a bit of work with CRO and I even teach Neurowebdesign, so I know the benefit of sales for even fractions of a second. So I understand page speed for sales, but for community sites speed is not as important (no, I don't mean slow sites are accepted, I mean very few people will care if the site loads in 1.1 second or 1.0 seconds, or even 2.5 to 2.0 seconds). For rankings, I see a lot of people put in a ton of work and money to go from a ranking of 12000 to 600 for example and then get sad when they realize that position 600 is pretty much the same as 12000 because no one will see it anyway. Is your focus with the pagespeed effort to convert more members, rank on certain keywords or do you have a conversion funnel for sales that I could not see on your site as a guest? Also, if you don't mind, the effort you put in how many positions did that earn you on your top keyword(s)? It would be really interesting to see the result of your hard work beyond just having a very snappy and fast website (looks great btw). I think that can help others when they consider putting the time, cost and effort into optimizing for speed. ...and no, I never ask myself why I have websites 🙂 I sometimes ask my clients, but I have websites for two reasons: I like to build things and I like to write. That is why most websites exist, which is the difference between a business oriented website and a hobby website for me.
  19. Pagespeed is always nice, but unless people complain, or you see loss of sales, how do you measure when you succeed or what the value is? Pagespeed comes with a cost often and sometimes that cost will be significantly higher than the benefit. SEO wise I don't see many professional SEO agencies focus much on that unless you are competing in the top 25 or so for specific keywords? So putting time and effort into shaving off 2 seconds in mobile view when you are at placement 600 is usually nice, but not really where focus should be? This is why I am always curious 🙂
  20. Maybe this will help? https://jimiwikman.se/ips/ips-customization/ips-pages/database-templates/category-list/show-cusom-field-with-condition-r3/
  21. May I ask why you care so much about these tests? Are you trying to grab an extra position or two or do you just want to have things in the green? Not trying to mock you or anything, just wondering what the end goal is for you to increase completion of these tests because I am always curious to learn what drives these type of completion chases.
  22. Not a bad idea. Tags already have landing pages, but we can't change slug or set a description. This would allow for plugin creation also to extend with more things on these pages. You have my vote 🙂
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