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  1. I have same issue with my website "EXPECTED_KEY_NOT_PRESENT " When I'm trying to connect to twitter.
  2. I've translated everything, but its not showing up, because IPS4 Uses Server system locale, It uses english name instead.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a problem with the system locale of the server, which my language is not listed in the supported system locale, thus it places english names for both month and day names, does there is a way to bypass the system locale and using the translated language phrases instead? or Creating a hook for changing day and month names? Please help me fix this issue.. !
  4. This only google chrome Issue, I don't have any problem with IE.
  5. I Have same issue, I think it's a kind of bug in ips 4.1.
  6. I've found an issue that these tow options wont save !
  7. there is no such permissions ! permision screenshot for group members!
  8. Its enabled! but how to assign a price, there is no field or options regarding that while adding a file.!
  9. Hi everyone, I don't know how to assign a price to a file inside downlaods section, every files which I've uploaded, is subtitled "free", please help me regarding this isssue, I've fixed everything in the settings page for paid files..
  10. does there an option for searching only in topic titles in the search page ?
  11. Thank you @TSP It was usefull, I was used vbulletin before, there was an option that disables user to change language or theme, it is one of my wishlist for IPS to add it in the future release .
  12. I have a question, I want to prevent users changing the language and or web site theme, how to do that?
  13. try this one: $icon = {file="$topic->container()->icon" extension="forums_Icons"}
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