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  1. SoloInter

    Radical Tags

    It works with tag from Page database articles ?
  2. Since I updated my board to 4.5 I can not edit trophies & medals already existing. I get this error : 2S119/1 (speak about CSRF key) I matched the app with the new marketplace, and I tried to update it, but after the first alert that we have to agree, I get a simple alert box who said there was an error and I can not continue. On the front, Trophies & Medals already existing works fine.
  3. On iOS you need "TestFlight" to get the beta version of Invision Community. And you need to have 4.5 Beta on your board to send your board for approval on this app.
  4. It would be really cool to be able to have an additional option when we create a block that would allow members to click on a cross which would be at the far right of the block title and which would hide the block from members who clicked above. Or something like on the forums, with a arrow you can minimize the box. In the same vein, that of being able to move certain blocks if we have checked the box allowing members to do so. This would allow members to customize the configuration of certain pages a bit more.
  5. @bfarber there is a chance to be added to your list of possible improvements ?
  6. I noticed that Twitter card is not working on Firefox. Few member report us that they see that : instead of that : Any idea how to fix it ?
  7. In my community, there are sometimes heated discussions. Some members can no longer see other members. They used the "ignore member" function. The problem is that if a member they haven't ignored quotes a member they've ignored, the message appears when they shouldn't be seeing it. Is this fixed in the new version 4.5?
  8. don't know if (by not intentional) you was speaking of not showing the description or of still showing something on mobile version, but don't show the description at all is perfect, we have it after on the tabs.
  9. Hello @opentype, Thanks for this plugin, he is very nice. There is something that I didn not understand : When I turn off "Show truncated description", the description just after the price is not showed. That's fine. But if I reduce the windows, to see the mobile version of the page, the description is back : Desktop : Mobile :
  10. Can’t wait ! Come on release the release
  11. Oh sorry I was thinking you was speaking about the menu when you are on mobile phone.
  12. It’s something we have on our website ? internazionale.fr
  13. This is a ducking great new add ! I love it ❤️
  14. @TheJackal84 Hello, your app is very nice. I have a little issue here : If I put "2.5" or "2,5" on the field "Cote", the system save "2,0". I can not put a cote with a decimal, the system take only "1,0" or "2,0" or "3,0", etc...
  15. Other problem : When you create a new bet, it records the odds in the database but it does not display correctly on the site afterwards. Example: 4,5 becomes 4 / 2,5 becomes 2 / ... It does not keep the number after the decimal point.
  16. When we won a bet and collect points, there is a notification "You won x Points". This notification is hard write on the code ? Because it's impossible to translate. @TheJackal84
  17. @Adriano Faria About this : If members have already play quizzes, they will have points or it's working only for future quizzes played ?
  18. Just downloaded the app. I would create bets for football matchs but it's not easy to do that and it's not userfriendly for members to bet. Best way would be to create a betting for "Team A vs Team B" and choose between Team A, Team B or draw to bet on these choice; That would be perfect.
  19. Why I can not renew for 10$ ? I only have buy for 30$ @Adriano Faria
  20. I don't know why I never saw this before. Shame, shame, shame.
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