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  1. Heya,Hope well. Please do check your inbox.


  2. Hope well. We use Sendgrid on the back-end as a mail server it works great. We want to send out promotional emails and find the IPB bulk mailer very limited. In order for us to use send-grids awesome Bulk mail creation tool we have to import members email addresses the whole time. I wish there was a way to automate this. As of now Zapier does not support IPB. Thoughts?
  3. Okay question. I cant use zapier or others to auto export my users email addresses to a HTML mailer like mail chimp. What is the best way to bulk mail with the limited bulk mailer IPB has? Hoping for some more features than the built in one has. Would love all and any advice. Jay
  4. Hi Guys, Take a look at the attached, We are running sitelock on our forum- so its not a DDoS. Have a look at the large amount of guests. Google analytics does not see them. Is this potentially google crawling? the site? As attached, Thanks all. Sincerely J
  5. Hi all. hope great. Is there anyway I can remove that overlay of different options on the map? Please see attached. Thanks in advanced. Jay
  6. @opentype Pm sent due to confidential info. Sincerely Jason
  7. Hi there. Just purchased this. It looks awesome!!!!' I have 4.3.3, I get this error on install: 3C145/3 Something went wrong. Please try again. /6009_admin/?adsess=goig5ai69ppji2ijb2gm6qtdr2&app… hope you can help. love the look.
  8. You the best, Please contact me again so we can Finnish the Paypal Integration. 

    Would be awesome

  9. I really need your services. I will be happy to pay top dollar :>> I have a IPB at www(dot)powerforum(dot)co(dot)za it is : Invision Community v4.2.7 I used the admin panel to try upgrade to the new BETA version. (4.3.0 Beta 2 ). However after following the wizard in the admin panels downloading the package at step 3 it always jumps back to step 1 and corrupts the forum. I will very much like to pay you for your work. Do let me make a full site backup before you have look, I will really appreciate this . I will be so happy if you can help me. I have been on IPB since 2013. SIncerely Jay
  10. WIll this work with google ads?
  11. Yep spot on thats how I did it in V3. Cant seam to find it in v4. If you could help it will be awesome :">
  12. Thanks for this, I was hoping I could just edit the original text. But cant seam to find it. I remember I could find it in V3. Sincerely Jay
  13. Hi all. IPB v 4 A easy one for all you geniuses. I want to add to the sign up completion Page that users should check their spam folder. I would also like to do this on the forgot password page. Where can I find this Html/css? Thanks All :>>>>> J
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