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Upgrade to IPS Community Suite 4 and bring your existing data with you

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Already running a community? We've got you covered.

If you already run a community but want to upgrade to the IPS Community Suite, you'll be pleased to know migrating to us doesn't mean a starting with a blank slate.

Your content is priceless, and with our converter app or service, you can migrate data from more than 40 platforms helping to make the transition easier for you and your members.

Our process

  1. FREE consultation stage
  2. We'll analyze a sample of your data to discover what can be migrated, and any problems we foresee.
  3. Project execution
  4. If you decide to proceed, you'll provide us with a backup of the data from your existing community.
  5. Our development team will build a custom convertor for your existing data in order to bring it into IPS4
  6. Conversion happens
  7. A test migration will be performed, allowing you to review the result and identify any problems.
  8. Finally, the live migration will take place at a time that is convenient to you and your community.


Don't see your current platform here? Get in touch - our custom conversion service can convert just about any data.

  • vBulletin 3.x/4.x
  • vBulletin 5
  • MyBB 1.8
  • phpBB 2
  • phpBB 3.1
  • Wordpress 4.x
  • XenForo 1.5
  • PunBB 1.1
  • bbPress
  • ikonboard
  • Joomla!
  • SMF
  • Woltlab BB 4
  • WowBB
  • XMB
  • UBBThreads
  • Snitz
  • ExpressionEngine

indicates that our free converter app supports migrating from this platform.

IPS Migration Service

From $850 ($1750 for self-hosted)

We've successfully migrated hundreds of communities to the IPS Community Suite with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Whether you'd like us to migrate you from an established platform in the attached list, or something entirely custom, contact us to discuss your needs.

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with our free conversion app

We offer free self-service converters for popular platforms. Simply install the app and follow the instructions to migrate your existing community. The data that can be migrated from each platform varies, so check the list to see what data will come over from your current software.

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Migrate to IPS4 yourself using our free converter app, which supports some of the more popular migration paths.

  1. Always back up your data

    Just in case there's a snag in the process.

  2. You'll need an IPS Community Suite license

    Contact us if you want to try it out.

  3. It can take a while

    The process may take several hours or more.

  4. Need expert help?

    Consider our Migration Service, starting at $850.

Our free converter app is included with your IPS Community Suite download. Cloud customers should contact our support team via the client area to arrange installation.

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IPS Migration Service

Interested in having us migrate your community to IPS4? Let's start with some basic information, and we'll get back to you with more details about what you can expect.

Migration FAQ

Will my existing links be broken?

When you convert from one of many platforms, we include free scripts which automatically translate your current URLs into the IPS Community Suite's Friendly URLs. Appropriate headers are sent, so search engines don't penalize you for the change, either.

Will I lose my themes & addons?

Unfortunately yes - themes and addons designed for other software will not work with IPS software. But similar addons and themes may be available in the IPS Marketplace. And don't forget we have an Easy Theme Editor, allowing you to restyle the software by pointing and clicking. We also offer a Branding Matching service.

What might increase the cost of migration?

Standard migrations start at $850 if you're moving to our of our Cloud plans, or $1750 if you have a self-hosted license. This price may vary in some situations, such as if your platform requires additional development work, or if some material facts aren't disclosed that later affect the migration process. Contact our sales team for more information.

How long does a migration take?

This depends on the size of your current database and the number of entries, so it is difficult to give a definitive answer. Small communities may convert in a few minutes, while large communities may require several hours. If you choose our migration service, we'll try and provide a rough estimate before beginning.

Will user passwords work after the conversion?

In most cases yes, users will be able to log in normally once the conversion is complete. Where this isn't possible, users will be prompted to set a new password on their first login.

How will you confirm you can migrate my data?

If you're migrating from one of the many platforms we've worked with before, we should be able to confirm immediately. If you're migrating from a custom platform, or one with which we haven't worked before, we'll ask you send us a small sample of the database structure and data. One of our conversion specialists will analyze the database to determine how feasible a migration would be. Naturally, all data you send us is treated in the utmost confidence, and there's no obligation to proceed with our service.

Migrate to IPS Community Suite

Want to migrate to the IPS Community Suite yourself? Our free migration tool walks you though the process.

Please note: while we work to update our migration tools to IPS4, you'll currently need to migrate to our 3.x series and then upgrade to IPS4 once the migration is complete.
  1. Always back up your data

    Just in case there's a snag in the process.

  2. You'll need an IPS Community Suite license

    Contact us if you want to try it out.

  3. It can take a while

    The process may take several hours or more.

  4. Need expert help?

    We offer migration service starting at $850.

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