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Push Notifications - Admin Side

Invision community provides support for push notifications on mobile devices. This will allow you to get notifications on your phone, even when you do not have your browser open, to alert you of new content on followed items and more.

Push notifications on mobile, give a native app experience, with built-in invision community features such as the manifest editor, which allows you to edit your theme icons, colors, and URL, for when member add your community to their phones home page. Below we discuss how to get this set up so your users can enjoy this native app experience.

Getting Set Up

In order to set this up, we must first set up the manifest, to set up the name of your community to show on users homepage, the icons to use and more. You can even set a custom start location for you site should you wish to do this. These are all set up from the following location in your AdminCP

System->Settings->Web App


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Setting up the manifest

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Setting up your logos

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