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Content Discovery

  1. Activity Streams

    In addition to the standard search functionality of the site, there will often be content in which you wish to be able to search on a constant basis, without the need to have to create an advanced search for content items. An example of this would be 'Unread content' or 'Content I have started'. For this, we have Activity Streams. These provide you with the ability to set up lists of content based on a criteria that has been given, either by yourself, or user defined. All Activity Str
  2. Searching your community

    The search facilities within your community, allow your members to find specific content that they are looking for on the site, using words and other known criteria. How to use A simple search can be achieved by typing into the bar on the top right of the site. When selecting the box, you will see there are options appear which will allow you to change what criteria you are using. Options for search Selecting search icon (magnifying glass) with no search c
  3. Push Notifications

    Invision community provides support for push notifications on mobile devices. This will allow you to get notifications on your phone, even when you do not have your browser open, to alert you of new content on followed items and more. Push notifications on mobile, give a native app experience, with built-in invision community features such as the manifest editor, which allows you to edit your theme icons, colors, and URL, for when member add your community to their phones home page. Below w
  4. Notifications

    Notifications are a great way for your users to be notified when things happen around your community. This may be that a user has been quoted, someone has mentioned them in a post, someone has commented on a photo and more. Notification Icon Settings by default When a member signs up to your community, they will have default settings for notifications based on what you set up within your admin cp. If you visit Notifications you will be presented with the follow
  5. RSS feeds

    RSS feeds are a way in which people can subscribe to your site using news readers. These allow for content on your site to be promoted easily with online RSS readers, and keep users engaged that use readers to give them news and information from various sites. The IPS Community suite shows RSS links in various areas of the site by default, and also allows for easy set of your own customised feeds. Built In Feeds Within each section of your site, you will see an RSS feed li
  6. Content tags and prefixes

    Tagging and Prefixing content is a quick and easy way to categorise and highlight the content of content within your site. Users can then use these to quickly filter by similar tags or prefixes. Tagging Content Tagging when creating content can be done by entering comma separated values into the tag box. The system will check for tags which have been used previously, and automatically suggest these as you type.  Once you have added your tags, you can choose one of these it
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