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Viewing/Editing Customer Information

Within commerce you will often need to take a look at a member from a 'customer' point of view. You can do this within the commerce system from a customer view which is separate from that of the community member profile in the ACP. This can provide you with information such as what purchases a customer has made, how much they have purchased, status of any subscriptions, support ticket status and more.

Customer Records

You can view a list of customer records from the following location within your ACP

Commerce -> Customers -> Customers

Click any item in the listing to visit that customers customer record

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Customer List

Customer records will give you an overall view of your customers current standing within the commerce system as you can see in the image below. From here you can add invoices, create support requests on behalf of your customer, add notes and more. 

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Customer Record

You will note here, that this is simply another tab on the member record page. This means you can access a customers record directly from the member, rather than going through the customer list section of commerce.

Alternative Contacts

On important area of this section is the management of alternative contacts.

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Alternative Contacts

On selection of "Manage Contacts" you will be shown a list of members on your site who can also manage this customer account.  Note the first member can access invoices and support requests, whereas the second can only access support.

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Alternative Contact List

These can not only be added to from here in the admin CP, but also can be added by the customer within their client area (discussed in another guide).

You can create a new alternative contact for the customer by selecting the "Create New" button in the top right, or edit/delete current ones using the buttons provided at the side of each record.

When adding a new alternative contact, you will be asked to add the members name (auto filled upon typing) and optionally can associate the contact with a specific product. You can then set the options you would like the alternative contact to be able to access.

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Alternative Contact Create


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