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What is Commerce?


Commerce is a multi functional tool which allows you to sell products, both physical and digital to your members. This can be a useful way in which to generate revenue on your community, whether it be a member subscription you wish to encourage, or a physical item in which you wish to sell directly on your site




Commerce Store


The commerce platforms has many features available to you, in order to ensure you can sell your items in the manner that suites your particular community. These include the following and more, each of which will be discussed in the following guides.

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Invoicing
  • Anti Fraud integration
  • Shipping
  • Customer profiles
  • Categorization and Filtering
  • Custom fields
  • Subscription selling
  • Automatic group promotion on purchases
  • Full support system
  • Gift cards
  • Coupon codes
  • Donation system, with donation goals


Product Screen

Throughout these guides you will be shown how to utilize these features, how to build your own store from scratch, and even add support for your customers with the built in support area.

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