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Using Blocks Externally

It may be handy at times, to be able to add some of the blocks you see in pages, or even your own custom blocks, into external webpages. Within IPS4 we give you the ability to choose any block to embed externally directly from the admin CP.


In order to embed one of your blocks on an external page. First log into your admin CP and visit Pages>Page Management>Blocks.

Once you are in here, select the dropdown box next to the block you wish to embed externally, and select "External embed"


Selection Menu


Once you have selected this, you will be presented with a screen similar to the below.


Embed Text

Copy the code into the relevant areas of your own website code to embed the block. Note that there is a checkbox to "Inherit key styles from parent page". If this is selected, then the styling of the block will also be brought across. If not, then you would need to style the block from your own websites code.



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