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Adding editor buttons with plugins

Since the editor in IPS4 uses CKEditor, the full range of plugins is available for you to install. If there's an editor feature you wish you had, check out their plugin repository and see if a ready-made plugin is available.

Note: Currently we only support plugins that add a button to the CKEditor toolbar. Please don't install plugins that add other kinds of functionality or they may cause problems for your community.


Installing a CKEditor plugin

To start, navigate to Customization -> Editor -> Toolbars in the AdminCP. Click the Add Button button, and from the next screen select the CKEditor Plugin tab. 

Note: The plugin you install needs to be compatible with the CKEditor version used in your current version of the IPS Community Suite. We display your current version on this form so that you can cross-check the compatibility with the CKEditor website.

Next, choose the plugin zip file you downloaded, and then submit the form.

If everything installed successfully, you will see the new button shown on the Buttons Not On Editor toolbar at the bottom of the management screen. You can now drag it to your active toolbars and manage it as normal.


If plugin installation fails

Occasionally, installing a CKEditor plugin won't work. This might be because:

  • It doesn't add a button
    We currently only support editor plugins that add a button to the toolbar; other kinds of plugin aren't supported.
  • It doesn't support the installed version of CKEditor
    Ensure the plugin you want to use supports the version of CKEditor used in the IPS Community Suite version you have installed
  • Your CKEditor directory doesn't have write permissions
    The directory /applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins needs to be writable (CHMOD 777) in order to install plugins

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