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General Posting Control

In the AdminCP under Settings you will find the Posting section which is another one of the more important settings areas as these options control how your members post content throughout your Suite. These are your general settings and individual apps can override these settings depending on their specific feature set. It's a good place to spend some time thinking about how you want things to look and work on your community.


Allow remote images = You can completely disable the ability for members to embed images from external sources in posts.

Maximum Image Size = Controls the largest size an image can be posted on your community (in dimensions not file size). If someone uploads an image that is larger than these defined dimensions then the system will generate a thumbnail up to the size defined here. Example:


AdrwwBf.jpg.77ca1785750929502df3b4b9bf053f36.jpgThe settings on this site are set to max of 500 x 350 yet I uploaded an image with a dimension of 1300 x 936 so the system saved both my original image and also created a new thumbnail with a width of 500. The thumbnail is shown above.

I can also resize the thumbnail down and even change positioning of the thumbnail as you can see by the smaller thumbnail that is right aligned here. If I click either thumbnail I am shown the full-size original image scaled down to fit in my browser window (larger the window the more you will see). Finally, I can click to view full size and the image then opens in a new window without any styling.


Acronym Expansion

A basic but pretty useful feature which allows for commonly type acronyms to contain a tool type. Example: ACP


Some apps have the ability to show polls and here you can define the Suite-wide options for how you want to handle polls. The more important options define if a user can see what other people voted for, are required to vote before seeing results, and if they can change their vote. Depending on the nature of your community and how you use polls these can be very important settings to consider.

Profanity Filters

You can of course use these filters to filter out profanity on your site. But beyond that you might also use them to replace commonly misspelled words, block out references to your competitors, or wherever you might want to do a word replacement. As with many features in IPS Community Suite, you can be creative with how you apply this one.

Tags & Prefixes

Many applications support the use of tagging and you can use tags to associate content with similar purposes across all your various apps and areas of the Suite. By just clicking a tag a member can see everything related to that tag regardless if it's a forum discussion, gallery image, or blog entry. This settings pane controls some important global options for tags but note that some apps can override these settings if they have local configuration options.

You can read more about these here



Members will always post URLs linking people to other sites and here you can define how you want those URLs handled and if you want to enable any restrictions to what people can link to.



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