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Creating a new language pack

If you need to create a custom language pack for your community, the IPS Community Suite includes tools to make the process easier.

Note: The IPS Community Suite has many hundreds of phrases that need translating to make a complete language pack, so the time investment may be significant. If a ready-made language pack is available for your language, you may wish to use that as a starting point rather than starting from scratch.

There's two tools available:

  • Standard translating
    Each phrase is presented, and you type in the translated version
  • Visual language editor
    Browse the community as normal, and click on phrases you see to translate them in position

We'll cover both in-depth in later steps.

To create your language pack, navigate to Customization -> Languages, and click the Create New button. In the popup window that appears, enter a name for your pack, and select the appropriate options in the other fields. Click Save to create the language pack.

The language is now available for users to use, although all phrases are currently still English until they are translated. You may wish to disable the language until you have finished translating. To do so, click the Enabled badge next to the language in the listing in order to disable it:


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