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Giving your staff access

Are you a primary account holder? Do you have staff or site co-owners who need access to your site or perhaps your Invision Community purchases along with you? This guide will help you set those members up with the access that they need.


Areas that require access

There are two core areas where staff members may need access. You can grant access to one area or both - your choice.

  • Alternative Contact - Client Area Access
    The Client Area is not your site, but rather the Invision Community site. (invisioncommunity.com/clientarea) This is where you manage your community at a purchase level and associated information. You would visit the Client Area to review how you get support for the product(s) you have purchased, pay invoices for those product(s), request Support, etc. These alternative contacts can interact with Invision Community in the areas you give permission. 
  • Admin Access
    This is the administrator area of your own community (your url with /admin). You can grant access to the product(s) you have purchased from Invision Community, after it is installed, so that others can manage your community with you. This login is unrelated to client area access, and can only be used to manage your community at your specified url. These users have no interaction with Invision Community, they interact only with your site.

Alternative Contacts

To grant access to the client area, you need to do two things.

First, the user must register an account in our client area (they do not have to purchase anything. They are just registering an account for you to add) You can share the following link with them:

Second, once the user has registered an account, you can then grant them access as an ‘alternative contact’ via the client area.

When logged in, select ‘My Details->Alternative Contacts’ from the menu. The first thing you will see here is a list of any contacts you have already set up, as seen here.



Alternative Contacts List

To add a new alternative contact, click on the ‘Add New Contact’ option in the top right

Once in this section, you need to add the email address of the user who has registered. Next, use the dropdown to select the purchases you wish to give them access for. If you skip this step, they will not be able to see those purchases.

After you Save, the user will be able to see the selected purchases in the client area, and will be able to contact support on your behalf.

In addition, you can optionally add the following permissions using the checkboxes provided

  • Also allow this contact to view other support requests not related to the selected purchases
  • Also allow this contact to view and pay invoices


Add New Contact

    Admin Access

    Administrator access gives a user permission to access the AdminCP side of your site. This is the area in which you administer the site itself. Managing all aspects of your community such as your members, application setup such as forums, gallery and more. You can set up access to everything, or only limited items as you see fit. Please see the guide related to this in order to help you get set up



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