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Getting Started


  1. Community in the Cloud

    If you're using one of our Cloud plans, this guide covers everything you need to know to get the most out of it.
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  2. Migrating From Another Platform

    If you're moving to the IPS Community Suite from another community platform, our free converters can bring over almost all of your data.
  1. First Login

    The first thing you will want to do is login with the account created on install or was sent to you from our cloud services. Your initial account is in the administrator member group and therefore has full access to all areas of the Community. AdminCP The AdminCP (ACP) is the administration control panel area for your community. It is the place that administrators go to change settings, customize, and implement policies for how members interact on the community. Firs
  2. Giving your staff access

    Are you a primary account holder? Do you have staff or site co-owners who need access to your site or perhaps your Invision Community purchases along with you? This guide will help you set those members up with the access that they need.   Areas that require access There are two core areas where staff members may need access. You can grant access to one area or both - your choice. Alternative Contact - Client Area Access The Client Area is not your site, but rathe
  3. Getting the look right

    When starting a new community, one of the first questions that is often asked, is how to get the site to look the way you wish. Below we discuss the various tools you can use in order to achieve this. It should be noted that this guide is intended as a brief overview. Links are provided to guides with further information. However you can find more in depth topics in the "Themes and Customizations" section, on the left menu. Themes First of all, we need to know what a theme
  4. Setting your default application

    While installing your IPS Community Suite, you will be given the opportunity to choose your default application. However, we realize you may not know at that point in time, or indeed change your mind on what you want the default application for your suite to be. What is your default application? In a nutshell, your default application is what your user sees when they visit your sites main URL. So for example, if you set this up as gallery, then the first thing that people will
  5. Setting up your menu

    Invision Community Suite allows you to easily change the top-level menus on your site, to suit your own needs. Whether these be internal links, external links, dropdown menus, or sub menu items, the menu manager makes these simple and quick to set up.   Menu Manager The Menu Manager can be found within your ACP in the following location System -> Site Features -> Menu Manager  This allows you to fully control the top-level menu of your community.
  6. Using The Block Manager

    Within the IPS Community Suite, you are provided with the ability to add items to your pages by way of a 'Block Manager'. This drag/drop facility allows you to quickly add items to create a sidebar, or add items to the top and bottom of your page. This facility is also used within our pages application to facilitate the easy creation of new pages. Adding Blocks Adding blocks to your pages is a simple process. When logged in as a member of staff with the moderator permission "Ca
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