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Creating Administrators and Moderators

Once you have installed your suite you will will likely want to set up some members of staff to moderate the different areas of your suite. These people are referred to as Moderators and you can set them up from the AdminCP under Members -> Moderators.

Moderators have the ability to Add/Delete/Edit content within the site, warn members, deal with reports and more, all from the front end depending on the permissions you set, but do not have access to the Administration Panel. This means you can add members of staff who do not have overall control of the community, and instead have control over the content you give them access to.


Pay special attention to the permissions you are assigning to moderators on your forum, and ensure moderator permissions are only given to users in which you trust to edit content within your community.

When you click to Add a new moderator from the button provided on this page you will be given the opportunity to assign a user to a moderator role or alternatively an entire group.

Once you have selected one of the above you will be presented with the permissions you can set for this moderator or moderator group. By default all permissions are granted so ensure that you go through each of these and set the permissions you require them to have. For example you may want a moderator to be able to moderate all the content on the community but do not want them to be messing with the sidebar. You could therefore switch off this option within the "General" tab of this section.

One area which will require extra configuration to your liking is the "Can use the 'flag As Spammer' tool?". By clicking on configuration you will be able to set up what the system does when a member is flagged by a moderator. You can read more about this in Spam Prevention Article

To see how the moderation tools are used by your moderators you can read the articles for this on Moderation.



Check out our guides on moderating your community for all the actions your newly-created moderators can do!




When you first install your Suite the system will create your main account which will be set as an administrator with full access. In the AdminCP, you can add additional admins either via group or individual member.


While our system supports restrictions to admin access you should still only have access to trusted users. AdminCP access give unrestricted permissions to areas of the AdminCP you can visit. Unlike the front-end: the AdminCP assumes everything you do is trusted and will not stop you.


You may wish to visit the Security Center from time to time and click the Show Administrators button to just verify that all those listed as admins are users you meant to give access.

 When you click to give a group or member AdminCP access you will be presented with an array of detailed options. By default, your new admin has full access to all areas of the AdminCP. On this page you can choose to restrict admins by top-level module or get more fine-tuned and only grant access to certain areas.

An example of when you might want to use this is if you hire a designer to create a theme for you. You may only wish to give that designer access to the Customization section of the AdminCP. So in that case you would uncheck all areas except Customization.



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