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The Moderator CP

The moderator CP can be accessed by clicking on your name and selecting ModeratorCP on the front end of your site. This is a central place for the moderators on your site to manage items which need attention, along with other useful moderation tools.




Reported Content

The reported content section will show you any content that has been reported by your members on the site. You can click into any of these to view the content of the report or select them for mass processing.


Reported content


The approval queue

The approval queue gives your moderators a workable queue of content that needs to be actioned and approved by a member of your site staff.  You can then step through each item and action as appropriate. You can start the approval queue by selecting the button provided.


Click start to start the approval queue

Each item in the queue will show you the content and give you the option to quickly delete, skip or approve the item. Once an item is actioned you are automatically moved to the next item in the queue.


Select what to do with each item


Deleted Content

When you delete an item on the system, this will by default be 'soft' deleted. These deleted items will show up within your Moderator CP in the deleted content section for 30 days. You can change the number of days these are kept for at the following location in your ACP

System -> Settings -> Posting


Item that was deleted and can be restored

From here you can select to restore items, should you or one of your staff make a mistake in deleting an item.

IP Address Tools

The IP Address tools will allow you to look to site related information on a specific IP address. To use this, enter an IP address into the box provided as below, and select continue. Alternatively you can check all IP addresses by a member on the site.


IPs or members can be searched


In the example below I have entered by own local IP. As you can see there is various information related to how that IP has been used on the site, along with location information if it is available.


Information related to an IP

This tool can be handy if you see an IP address of a user who is causing issues on your site and you would like to see if there are any other related members of related content with the same IP address.


Member Management

You can quickly manage members from within the moderator CP from the Member Management section. Entering members name will then allow you to edit the member (subject to permissions). You will also see some useful lists of information below this on members who are banned, restricted, queued, or banned from chat for quick access to these.

If the moderator searching can see email addresses, they will also be able to search by email in this section.



Searches show Banned, Restricted and Queued information for a user


Alerts allow you to quickly bring information to the attention of users on your site. Whether this be an individual member, or an entire group when a simply PM or a warning may not be appropriate. For example, quick information to be given to new members, getting information to a member of staff straight away, or even sending out a promotional message to a specific group.

Could contain: Text, File

Searches show Banned, Restricted and Queued information for a user

Clicking on the alerts area will show you a list of alerts that are already set up on the system.

Could contain: Text, Page, File

Alerts list

Select "Create Alert" to create a new alert on the system, adding your criteria for who to show the alert to, as shown below. 

Could contain: Word, Document, Text, File, Page

Alerts setup


Recent Warnings

Clicking on the recent warnings area will give you a list of all the recent warnings on the site, so you can quickly get a view of who has recently been warned. 


Warnings list

Selecting any of the warnings will show you more information and give you the opportunity to revoke these warnings should you need to do this.


Warning information



This section of the moderator CP will allow your moderators to set up and manage announcements attached to different areas of the site. You can see which area active at a glance with the active flags which are set here. To set up a new announcement on the site, simply click on the Add Announcement button.


Announcement list

Announcements can be shown in any of the following locations

  1. Top of the page
  2. Above the page content
  3. In the sidebar


Announcement locations

Each location has some slightly different features; the page top banner is dismissible by the member if they no longer want to see it, whereas the banner above the content and the sidebar announcements cannot be dismissed.

Each application has the ability to select which applications and pages you wish to show announcements, along with which member groups will see these. You can also select a color in which to use for your announcement


Announcement set up

Announcements can be either

  • Title Only - This just shows the line of text and is not clickable
  • Content - This is clickable, and will show the content you add into the editor when this option is selected
  • Link to URL - This is clickable, and will visit the URL you have entered when clicked.

When an announcement is tapped to open, and  the content type is select, it will show a modal window with any further details you have entered.


Announcements clickable to show further information


Hidden Content

Finally in the moderator CP, you can view a list of hidden content on the site. You can view all of these at once or you can limit this by area of the site. This gives you a one click location to view all hidden content, rather than clicking into individual sections to find these.


All hidden content can be seen within the moderator CP

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