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Profiles and Profile Settings

There are various other settings for member profiles within the suite, which can be set up by the administrator, to better suite the needs of any particular site. These settings can be found within the following location of the ACP.

Members -> Member Settings -> Profiles -> Profile Settings

Profile settings

From this location, you can switch on/off various items, and set defaults relating to peoples profiles upon registration.


Profile Settings Page

The following items can be set from this location

  • Photo settings - In this section, you can various options related to profile photos, their defaults, and what you would like to allow the user do do in relation to being able to add them
  • Display Names - This is where you would set what is allowable as a display name on sign up. You can set the length requirements, along with what chars you wish for the users to be able to use. For example, you may wish to restrict to only the latin alphabet, along with numberic balis, hyphens and underscores. For this you would enter  'a-z0-9-_'

    If you wish to stop people using a specific name or term within their display name, you can restrict this from the ban settings page, discussed in the following guide
  • Signatures - These are a signature that would be placed under your members items of content, when posting in the forum areas. You can choose whether or not to use these on your site.
  • Status Updates - Here you can set whether or not status updates can be used by your members. These are small statuses, that you members can use within their profile.
  • Birthdays - While a date of birth is entered on registration, you can choose whether you wish for people to be able to see them on the users profile or not, by default. Settings so this is visible in profiles, will allow it not only in profiles, but also within the calendar and birthday widgets, if set up.
  • Ignoring - By default the system allows users to ignore other members. This can be ignoring the user altogether, or simply ignoring something like a signature. You can disallow this from the profile settings page here. Note, however, that if you wish to just stop certain members from being ignored, you can do this from the group settings.
  • Display Settings - Group formatting which is set within each group, will be shown only on the group name by default. For example, if you have an 'Administrators' group, which is colored red, then the word 'Administrators' will be colored. If however, you switch to 'Global' then the username itself will be colored, in all areas where the group name is not shown.
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