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Setting up PayPal

PayPal support on your product can be set up quite easily, for your customers to purchase items within commerce. This can be used either for one-off payments or for billing agreements that allow for recurring payments such as for a monthly subscription.

You would set up any payment method, including the PayPal payment method, from the following location in your AdminCP

Commerce > Payments > Settings > Payment Methods 


PayPal Application

Before we can set up the PayPal payment method within the AdminCP, we must first create a PayPal REST API App within the paypal developer page.

Once on the page, log into the dashboard using the button in the top right. This will be the details for the paypal account you will have people paying in to. If you do not already have a paypal account for this, you would need to create one first of all.


Log In

If you have used this area before, you may see other items as we see in the screnshot below. Don't worry however if you have not. In either case, you need to click "Create App" to start creating a new REST API Application.


Create an Application

First os all enter an application name. This is simply a name to identify this in your developer dashboard, so it can be anything you like here. You will also note it asks for a sandbox business account. This can be left as it is on its default setting. Click on "Create App" to create your new application.


Application Name

Once we have done this, it is important that you select the "Live" tab, as this will have the details you need to enter into your Invision Community AdminCP


Ensure you select 'Live'

Once on the live page, click on "Show" in order to show the 'Secret' key, which you will need for your Invision Community AdminCP.


Show the 'Secret' key

Now that your application is created, you need to copy the Client ID, and Secret shown below. These will be used in the next stages to set up within commerce.


Copy the Details Required

Creating the Payment Method

Now that we have the application set up in PayPal, and have the Client ID and Secret, its time to set this up within your AdminCP. Go to the following location and select to create a new payment method

Commerce > Payments > Settings > Payment Methods 

Select the PayPal method, and then click next


Create a New PayPal Method

You can choose any name you wish for your payment method, including a name for each language pack you have on your system. This is the name that will be shown to the user on the front end, and would usually simply be named PayPal. You can however choose anything you like if needed. Your Client ID and Secret are then added to the locations provided.


Enter Your App Details

You will note also on this screen you can restrict the payment method to be available only to certain countries, should you wish to do so.

The billing agreements section here. You can switch these off entirely, have them as optional, or set them as required. This enables a billing agreement (previously known as recurring payments) to be set up between yourself and the customer, for items such as subscriptions. If a billing agreement is set up, then after the first payment, any renewals would be automatically requested from the customers paypal account.


Billing Agreement Selection

It is important to note, that if you disable Billing Agreements on this page, you can still use subscriptions if you wish to do so. What would happen in this scenario, is that the invoice would be created, and would be available for your customer to manually go ahead an pay. Failure to pay this after the given period would then result in the invoice expiring.

Once you have added all the details needed, simply select "Save" which will then make the method available for use.

Edited by Marc Stridgen

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