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About Enhancements

In addition to the standard features of the suite, Invision Community Suite provides a variety of ways in which to add enhancements to your platform, and indeed customisazations from 3rd party providers.  For example adding giphy support, or adding google map support for your calendars.


Community Enhancements

Community Enhancements are items which are provided by the suite as standard, to allow you to integrate into external items. You can see and add these in the following location.

System -> Site Features -> Community Enhancements

Once in this location you will see a screen similar to the below. You can enable and configure these using the links provided.


Community Enhancements

3rd Party Enhancements

At times, you may wish to add something to your site, which is not provided by the IPS platform. For this, you may add 3rd party items from our marketplace, or even write your own if you are a developer yourself.


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