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Creating a page

The first thing we're going to do is create a page, into which we'll insert our database later.

A page is the foundation of almost everything in Pages; it gives your content a place to be accessed by users. Sometimes, a page may just have static text using a WYSIWYG block. Other times (like in our case), they may be a container for a database.


To manage your pages, navigate to Pages -> Pages in the AdminCP. You'll see a listing of your current pages and folders. Click Add Page to create a new one.


Add Page

There's two ways of creating pages: using the drag and drop Page Builder to add content, or by manually coding a page using HTML. We're going to use the Page Builder, so ensure that option is selected, then click Next

On the next screen, you'll set up some basic configuration for your page. The name is how the page will appear in the browser window, in your menu navigation etc. Since we're creating a recipe area, enter something like Recipes.

The filename is how the page is accessed in a URL. Enter recipes here - this means we'll access our page at the URL <yourcommunity>/recipes.

For the layout option, choose single column. Pages includes a few default layout options, and for other kinds of pages, you might want a different layout. For databases, a single column tends to work best so that it has enough space to display properly.

We're going to ignore the second and third tabs (Page Includes and Title & Meta Tags) on this form for now because they aren't important to what we're doing. On the final tab, Menu, you can easily add this new page to your navigation menu. 


Add Menu Item

Click Save when you're ready. The next screen will ask you to configure the permissions for this page, in much the same way as you'd configure permissions for a forum or gallery. Set them up to your liking, and then save the form.

That's it - our page is created, and right now it is empty. We'll come back to it later and make it display something, but for now we'll move onto the database itself.

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