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Translating using the standard editor

The alternative to using the visual editor is the standard editor. This allows you to edit every phrase in the suite in one place, one after the other.

To use the standard editor, navigate to Customization -> Languages in the AdminCP. Click the    icon next to the language you want to translate. What you'll now see is a table listing every phrase used by the software.

To use this interface, you simply work your way through each phrase, typing your translation. There's a few key parts of the interface we'll cover in more detail.



1. Filters

The filters above the grid allow you to narrow down the phrases you see.

  • Out of date
    Useful to find changed phrases that require updating after you have updated the IPS Community Suite
  • Untranslated
    Shows phrases you haven't yet translated
  • Translated
    Shows phrases you've already translated


2. Live Search

You can live search for phrases to translate using the search box. By default, the key and the English phrase are both searched for matches, although you can be more specific by clicking the cog icon next to the search box.


A handy way to find the key used by language phrases is to enable the 'word key' view. To do so, navigate to Customization -> Languages in the AdminCP, click the Translation Tools button, and enable the View word keys option. When you save the form, instead of seeing English phrases, you'll see the keys used to identify that phrase.


3. Ordering

Click one of the table headers to change the sorting of phrases in the table. Click a header again to switch between ascending/descending order.


4. English Phrase

This column shows the original English phrase that we use in the software. Use this as the basis for your translated phrase.


5. Your Translation

The textarea is where you type your translation for each phrase. Your translation will be automatically saved when you move to the next phrase, or you can click the green Save button manually under each text input.

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