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You can allow your members to sign in to your community using their Facebook account.

In order to use facebook, your site must be on a secure https domain. You can see more information on how to switch to https after obtaining an SSL certicate from your hosting company in the following guide


Basic Facebook Login

To start the process, go to AdminCP -> System -> Login & Registration, click Create New to setup a new login method and choose Facebook. You will now be prompted to fill in some details which you'll need to acquire by creating an "app" with Facebook.

Creating a Facebook App

1. Go to the Meta for Developers site and sign in with your Facebook account.

2. If you have not already registered with Facebook for Developers, click Register Now and follow the instructions to register

3. Click on My Apps in the top right, then select 'Create App


Click to create a new app

4.Select "None" when asked for an app type



App Type Selection


5. Add a name for the login and an email address, then click create app



Facebook App Dashboard

6. Select "Facebook Login" from the product list


6. Select "www" and from the quickstart list



7. Add your site URL, then click continue


8. The next 3 screens can be ignored. Click on next on each until you get to the last section, then go to the next step.


9. Click on "basic"You will then be taken to the basic settings page for the new application. Here you need to add your privacy policy, and your terms of service, and logo, then save.


Basic Settings


7. Go to the Products > Facebook Login > Settings tab from the left sidebar. In the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field enter the value shown in your AdminCP, which will be your community's URL ending with "/oauth/callback/" on the end. You must click Save Changes at the bottom to save this.




Callback URL


Set Up Invision Community

Go to Settings > Basic from the left sidebar. You will see your App ID and a button to reveal the App SecretBack in your ACP, fill in the form, using these details


App ID and Secret

Now go to the front-end of your community, log out, and log in with the Sign in with Facebook button. At this point, only your own Facebook account, which you used to create the client, will work. If it works, you can continue to the next step.


Entering details in Invision Community

Once you have done the above, you will be able to use facebook to login to your community.

Go Live

IMPORTANT: - Do not go live with your product, until you have completed any application permission reviews required by facebook for Statuses, and/or social media promotion.

In the top-right you will see an On/Off switch next to Status: In Development. Click the on/off switch and confirm. The switch should now indicate On and you should see Status: Live.



Live Facebook App


Note if you wish to enable status imports, you will need to add more permissions and get your application permissions reviewed by facebook. You should then continue below.

If you only want sign in ability, you are finished at this point

Optional: Enabling Status Imports

Before you begin, please note, we can give advice on how to fill this in, however some details may vary based on your own uses. You will also need business verification in order to set this up. This is per facebooks guidelines.

When setting up Facebook Login in your AdminCP you will have seen a Allow Status Imports? setting which mentions requiring additional setup. Using this feature means gaining access to restricted Facebook APIs, which, before you can do, you need to get approval from Facebook.

1. To get started, enable the Allow Status Imports? setting from AdminCP -> System -> Login & Registration -> Facebook. 

2. On the Facebook for Developers site, go to App Review -> Permissions and Features  from the left-side menu. Use the search box at the top to search for user_posts

3. select the "Request" option then select continue

4. You will now see the review, for each of the items you have chosen, there is an Add Details link.



Request a review

Click Add Details and fill in the form. An example of what to provide can be seen below. In addition to these information, you will need to provide a screencast of you demonstrating that process of signing in with Facebook and doing the thing you are asking Facebook for permission for (importing a status or automatically sharing to Facebook). Make sure your video shows you doing exactly the steps in the instructions you provided otherwise your review will likely be rejected. You do this by using your own account and switching your facebook application to developer mode

This video needs to show your community, so we cannot provide a video for you to send to Facebook - you must record and submit it yourself.

  • For Tell us how you're using this permission or feature enter something like the following:

    Allows users to import their timeline posts into their profile on the website.

  • For Demontrate how your selected platforms will use this permission or feature? choose Web. 
  • Under this option, you will need to stated how this is used by the user. Enter the following information to show how a user logs in (please modify if your options are in different places due to theming or 3rd party items)

    1. On the home page, click "Existing User? Sign In" in the top-right and then click "Sign in with Facebook" from the dropdown.
    2. Click on your name on the top-right and then click "Profile".
    3. Click "Edit Profile" and then enable the "Enable status updates?" setting to enable the site's status update feature.
    4. Click on your name on the top-right and then click "Account Settings".
    5. Click the "Facebook" tab.
    6. Enable the "Copy my Facebook status updates to my profile" setting and save the form.
    7. Click on your name on the top-right and then click "Profile".
    8. Observe how your latest timeline post has been imported and shows alongside other content from the site.

You will then additionally need to do a screencast to show on video how the system is used. This can be uploaded to the same form. Click on save once complete

6. Click Submit For Review to submit the review and confirm the submission. You will be advised how long it will take you for Facebook to approve the submission, and should receive an email once it is complete

  Report Guide

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