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Configuring Amazon S3

For those who wish to change your data storage method to Amazon S3, you can do this from within the following area within your admin control panel. 

System>Overview>Files>Storage Settings>Configurations

In this screen you will something similar to the following



Click on "Create New" to add a new Storage configuration to your installation, and select "Amazon S3" from the link provided.



From here, you will need to fill in all the details requested of you from your Amazon S3. If you have not yet set this up, watch the following video, which will give you an indication of how to set this up on AWS.


Once you have set up your new storage configuration, you can then apply it to any of the items in the storage settings tab as you see fit. Those items will then be moved over to your S3 storage area by background task.

(note: if you have large attachments, it's a good idea and may be needed to increase php memory accordingly, we have a base setting of 128MB, setting this to 256MB or 512MB to allow for large uploads to AWS S3 may be needed) 



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