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Setting up categories

The next thing we're going to focus on is creating our categories. If you've created categories in the other IPS4 applications, it's a very similar process.


How to set up categories

When you hover on the Pages tab in the AdminCP, you'll see your database is now listed as a menu item, and a link for Categories is available underneath. Click this link to view the current categories. You'll see a default "Records" category.

Click Create New to add a new one. We'll name this category Main Courses as an example. There's no need to manually enter a manual Friendly URL 'slug' (the slug is the part of the URL that identifies this category, e.g. <yourcommunity>/recipes/main-courses/record) - one will be created automatically based on the category name you enter.


Category Creation

We do want to show the record listing for this category, since it'll show recipes. We can leave Star Ratings disabled, and we'll leave Set Custom Permissions disabled too. However, if you were creating a category and wanted to use permissions different to those you set up for the database, you could enable that option and do so here.

Finally, we'll leave the default database templates selected. If you had a situation where you wanted to use different templates for individual categories, these settings allow you to do so.

We will ignore the other two tabs on this form for now; we aren't using the functionality they control.

Refreshing our front-end, you'll now see your new category:


Category List


You can now go back and either delete the Records category, or edit it and rename it and adjust the settings to match. You can also create other categories, for example:

  • Appetizers
  • Desserts
  • Snacks

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