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RSS feeds

RSS feeds are a way in which people can subscribe to your site using news readers. These allow for content on your site to be promoted easily with online RSS readers, and keep users engaged that use readers to give them news and information from various sites.

The IPS Community suite shows RSS links in various areas of the site by default, and also allows for easy set of your own customised feeds.

Built In Feeds

Within each section of your site, you will see an RSS feed link in the bottom left. This provides an RSS feed link to the content within that area, which can then be consumed by the reader. In the example below, you can see it shows the latest topics from the News Forum, which we are currently browsing.


Section RSS Links

In addition to the links in each section, you will also see these within each of your activity streams. Creating new streams on your site can be a simple way of showing both the content on your site, and within a feed.


Activity Feed Link

Custom Feeds

If you wish to build your own feeds to show within the main RSS link in the bottom left, you can do this from your ACP in the following location

System -> Content Discovery -> RSS Feeds

When creating a new feed, you can choose which sections you wish to 'feed' into this new RSS feed. Here we have created a feed named 'Test Feed', which shows information only from a specific calendar.


Feed Creation

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