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Storage Settings

Once you have configured your various storage options you can then assign them to various areas of the Suite.

By default all areas use File Storage but you can create as many storage configurations as you want.

Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 21.12.19.png

Storage Settings

In the screenshot above there are some examples of various storage areas of the Suite. Here we are using the same Amazon S3 "bucket" for all areas. But I could choose to switch just one of them to a different storage configuration or all if I chose to switch providers.

When you changes file storage configuration for a particular area the system will have to move your files. If you have a large number or large storage amount of files this could take a very long time so keep this in mind when changing. You will see a status bar on the AdminCP dashboard. When you change your storage option:

  1. The area you changed locks to prevent other changes.
  2. A queue task is started to copy all files from the old to the new storage configuration.
  3. When the queue task finishes, files on the old configuration are deleted.
  4. Configuration unlocks to allow changes again.

While Step 2 above is processing, all your file references will still work. So you may see some files linking to the old location and some linking to the new. This keeps your from having broken images or downloads during the move.

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