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Gift Cards

You can set up gift cards on the system, which will allow your customers to purchase gift cards for people to use on your site. To set these up, you would visit the following area within your admin cp. Commerce>Store>Settings>Gift Cards

Setting up

When visiting this area, you can then set up various set amounts that your members can purchase along with optionally allow their own amounts if you wish to do so, as you can see I have set up below.

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Setup Page


Your members can then buy gift card from thegift cards menu option

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Menu Link

When selecting to buy a gift card, you can then select a colour, a message for the person who is to receive this. You can then either print or email these to the person they are for.

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Buying Gift Cards


Using Gift Cards

Your members can use gift cards using the redeem button shown in the image above (next to the buy button). They will then be asked for the gift card code which can be seen on the gift card itself.

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Gift Card Print

Upon entering this, the credit will be added to the account for purchasing items in  your store with.

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