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Products & Purchases

  1. Adding a Normal Product

    Within commerce you can add 3 different types of product into the system. In this step we will be showing you how to add a "Normal" product. A normal product would be one which is a digital product such as a download or payment for something intangible, or a physical item. Adding a Product You can add a new product by visiting Commerce>Store>Products within the admin CP and selecting the + next to one of the groups (Note you can add new groups using  the "Create new group
  2. Selling Subscriptions

    The Commerce application, give you the ability to sell subscriptions to your users. This may be to give a higher status to your users, give access to more sections, change usergroups or anything else you decide within the product. These can become an important revenue stream for your community, and promote social engagement though the ability to give multiple tiers to your community. Creating Creating a new subscription item can be done from the following location within your A
  3. Selling Advertisements

    Selling advertisement space to your customers can easily achieved within commerce by adding a new product within Commerce>Store>Products. Before reading this step, it is suggested that you read the previous step. This step will cover the items specifically relating to selecting advertisements as the product type. When selecting the Advertisement product type, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following. In addition to the many items discussed in the previous step of
  4. Invoicing Customers

    Managing invoices, is an important part of any e-Commerce platform. In IPS4 we give you the tools to manage these within your admin CP. Invoices and Settings You can manage invoices from the following area in your admin CP. Commerce>Payments>Invoices. When entering this screen you will see the following: It is important to note the statuses and what these represent on the system. Pending - This is the initial invoice status. By selecting the tick icon,  you can
  5. Client Areas

    Your customers have various areas relating to their own purchases and orders on commerce, along with areas to manage their own details such as addresses and alternative contacts on the system. By default these would be access under the store tab, which is what will be shown in this step. Please note, you may have moved these items using the menu manager.   Orders Under the orders tab you will see any orders which are still awaiting action. This may be that they are awaiting approv
  6. Gift Cards

    You can set up gift cards on the system, which will allow your customers to purchase gift cards for people to use on your site. To set these up, you would visit the following area within your admin cp. Commerce>Store>Settings>Gift Cards Setting up When visiting this area, you can then set up various set amounts that your members can purchase along with optionally allow their own amounts if you wish to do so, as you can see I have set up below. Setup Pa
  7. Coupons

    Within commerce you can set up coupon codes for use during promotions in your store. These can be set up from Commerce>Store>Coupons Once you visit this area,  you will be able to set up codes to give a monetary discount or percentage discount, along with set which products they can be used with, expiry dates, and restrictions on how they can be used. In the example above, I have added a SAVE10 code for people to use in my store which will save the customers 10% on their pu
  8. Donations

    Donations can be a quick an easy way to generate revenue toward the running costs of your site. Within the Invision Community software, we provide the ability to create donation goals. For example, you may wish to set a goal of "Running costs" with the total running costs for your site, and people can then donate toward that goal. Donation Goals You can set up a donation goal within the following area of your ACP Commerce -> Payments -> Donations -> Goals
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