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This guide covers the various areas of our billing system, within our client area. Answering various common questions we are asked about purchasing items, and managing billing items such as addresses, credit, and payments.

Orders Section

Once you have logged into the client area, you will see there is an order tab in the menu, as shown in the screenshot below.



Every order/invoice that has ever been on your account, can be seen in this area. As you can see at the top, there is an order that has not yet been paid for a renewal. These can be paid by selecting the "Pay Now" option provided.

Clicking on the "view details" button on any order, will show you all the details related to that order. From here you can add a PO number in the top right if needed, and print the invoice.


Order Details

Payment Methods

If you would like for your renewals to be paid automatically, you can add a payment method to the system, which will then be charged automatically when an invoice is generated. In order to add a new payment method, you would do this from the following location in the menu

'My Details->Payment Methods'

If you have any existing payment methods, you will see them listed here. To add a new payment method, select the 'Add New' button


Payment Methods

Once you select to add a new method, simply add your card details that you wish to be saved securely for future payments


Add New

Account Credit

In addition to adding a new payment method, you can also add credit to your account for future invoices. Therefore if you wish to pay for items up front, you can do so by pre-paying on your account.

To add credit to your account, visit the following location

'My Details->Account Credit'

From here, simply click the 'Add Credit' button, and enter the amount you wish to add. You will then be taken through the checkout process to pay the amount. Any future invoices would draw from this credit automatically.


Account Credit

Managing Addresses

When purchasing your suite, you will be asked for your address details. Should you need to change these details, or add new details for new purchases, you can do this from the following location.

'My Details->Addresses'

Once a new address is added, you can, if you choose, change they default addresses using the buttons provided under any of the 'Other Addresses'




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