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Utilizing caching methods

About caching

With todays emphasis on speed being important to people when browsing websites, it can often be of benefit to add caching services to your site once your site increases in size. IPS4 is no exception to this, and we have therefore added the ability to use the redis caching method, which may be available to you on your hosting environment. Before setting up any caching, we advise you consult with your hosting company to see which is best suited to your particular environment .

Setting up

You can switch on any of these that are available on your server, by visiting the following location in your ACP
System -> Settings -> Advanced Configuration -> Data Storage

From here you can set up Redis, if available on your server configuration. If this is not detected by PHP will not be selectable. If you believe it should be available for use, you will need to contact your hosting company.

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Cache settings

Once you have selected a caching method, and filled in any relevant options for that method, you will be asked to download a new constants.php file, which must be uploaded to the location in which your installation resides.

Using sockets

You may be given a socket by your hosting company for items such as redis, rather than an address in some cases. If this is the case, you would enter that socket address into the 'servers' section, and set any port to 0 where there is a port field to enter.

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