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Donations can be a quick an easy way to generate revenue toward the running costs of your site. Within the Invision Community software, we provide the ability to create donation goals. For example, you may wish to set a goal of "Running costs" with the total running costs for your site, and people can then donate toward that goal.

Donation Goals

You can set up a donation goal within the following area of your ACP

Commerce -> Payments -> Donations -> Goals

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Goal Setup

Here you can set the amount of your goal along with a description to show your users on what the goal is for. You can set up as many of these as you like. These will then be listed on the main goals page

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Goals List


Your users can then donate toward these goals from the donations page on the front end of your site. This appears by default as a submenu item under the store link. Users can click to donate to any of the items they wish

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Main Donations Page

In addition to the main donations page, we also provide a block that you can add from the block manager, making it simple to draw attention to your goals from wherever you wish on your site.

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Donation Blocks

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