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Audits & Logs

There will be various times in which it is important to be able to find out information about how something has happened on your site. This may be related to something that has happened to a user, something that has changed on your site, or even an issue that has occurred that you need more information on.

Within the Invision community suite ,we provide various methods of logging. The various areas you can find these are discussed below.

Moderator/Admin Logs

Front end moderation

Within most content items, you can find out what moderation tasks have been performed, by using the moderator log. These can be found by selecting the 'moderator log' option within the 'Moderator Tools' menu, as shown below.


Moderator Tools

Clicking on this will give you a history of every moderator action which has been performed on that particular content item. 


Moderator History

If you have full edit history switched on, you can also see a full edit history for a given item, along with what it was edited from and to. In order to see this, you need to ensure that the following option is switched on

'System -> Settings -> Posting -> Edit Log -> Log all edits made to content and what was changed'


Edit History

ACP Moderation Log

A more overall log of moderator actions or administator actions can be found within the ACP within the following locations.

Members -> staff -> Moderators -> Moderator Logs

Members -> staff -> Administrators -> Administrator Logs

You will note that there is a Prune settings option at the top. Clicking on this will allow you to set when these items should be removed from the system, if you wish to do so.


Moderator Logs

Administrator logs refer more to items that have been changed within the admin area. For example changing a setting, adding a usergroup etc.


Admin Logs

Admin CP Login Logs

Within the following location in the ACP, you can see Admin CP login logs. These can be helpful if you believe someone has been logging in to do something malicious, or you beelieve someone has been attempting to access your ACP that shouldnt be. A full log of all these actions, and whether successfull or not can be found here.

Members -> Staff -> Administrators -> Admin CP Login Logs


ACP Login Logs

Member logs

There are various reasons in which you may need to know what has happened to an individual member account. It may be that you wish to know about a purchase they believe they have made, or simply what device they are using to log into the system. Whatever the reason, you will find this information within every members profile in the ACP by selecting the individual members profile

Members -> Members


Account History

System/Error logs

Whilst using the software, you will inevitably have times where you or your members experience an issue with the site. This may be related to a problem on your server, a 3rd party item you have added, or many other reasons. Often you will be given limited information from your members, and so we have made it easy to track down the error or system messages that the user has received.

There are 2 different types of logs for these

Error Logs

These are related to items which are expected, but would be shown to a user. For example a user would recieve a permission error if they do not have permission to enter a certain area of the site. these would be logged in this area. You can find these in the ACP at the following location

System -> Support -> Support -> Error logs


Empty Error log

Errors classified as being above a certain 'level' will be notified to you via email. Clicking on the settings button will allow you to set which of these you wish to recieve, or even which you whether or not you wish to log at all


Error Levels

System Logs

System logs are those which are related to the internal system itself. If you see an error on the front end which relates to a 3rd party item crashing for example, this is where you would be likely to see it. You can find these here

System -> Support -> Support -> System logs

This is how you would hope to see your system log on most occasions. If there are items that are showing in here, then they likely need to be addressed.

2020-07-30_16-29-11.jpgSystem Log

Email Error Logs

As of version 4.4, email error logs can be found within the following location in your ACP.

System -> Settings -> Email Settings

If you are having problems with emails, this is the first place in which you would look for the error messages. Email issues will almost always be related to either the details that have been entered, or the email server. You should forward error messages to your hosting company if its not immediately apparently what you need to address.


Email Error Log

From here you can also attempt to resend once you have resolved any issues, using the button provided on the right of each entry.

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