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Managing Your Community

  1. General Posting Control

    In the AdminCP under Settings you will find the Posting section which is another one of the more important settings areas as these options control how your members post content throughout your Suite. These are your general settings and individual apps can override these settings depending on their specific feature set. It's a good place to spend some time thinking about how you want things to look and work on your community. General Allow remote images = You can completely disable the
  2. Using Clubs

    Clubs are a way of supporting sub-communities within your site. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past and Clubs are our implementation of this concept.     Setting up clubs The first thing you will need to do in order to use the clubs functionality on your site, would be to switch these on. You can do this by visiting Community>Clubs>Clubs, where you will see an 'Enable' button. Click enable to switch the clubs system
  3. Audits & Logs

    There will be various times in which it is important to be able to find out information about how something has happened on your site. This may be related to something that has happened to a user, something that has changed on your site, or even an issue that has occurred that you need more information on. Within the Invision community suite ,we provide various methods of logging. The various areas you can find these are discussed below. Moderator/Admin Logs Front en
  4. Adding 3rd Party Content

    Whilst the IPS4 product provides most of the functionality that you will need, there may be niche items that you would like to add to your site. Our marketplace contains  many 3rd party plugins and applications that you can install on your site to add functionality. Applications will generally add new areas to your site, whist plugins will tend more to add to existing areas on your site. Warning 3rd Party applications and plugins are not supported by IPS and are used
  5. Previewing post content

    There will be times when topics and replies can become quite large in nature. They may contain BBCode and other elements which cannot be seen in the editor at the time of writing. In addition you may want to see how your topic/post/other looks on a mobile or tablet. For this purpose we have introduced a post preview button for the editor, which will allow for quick and easy previewing of posts.   Previewing content You will see in the image below, I have created a small post using
  6. Purchasing and adding a new IPS product

    There may come a point after the installation of your product, that you wish to purchase another part of the IPS community suite. The following instructions will show you how to do this. Purchasing a new product Purchasing a new product for your suite can be done directly from your client area, in the following manner Log into the client area, using your client credentials Go to the "Manage purchases" tab  Select the license in which you would like to add the new a
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