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Previewing post content

There will be times when topics and replies can become quite large in nature. They may contain BBCode and other elements which cannot be seen in the editor at the time of writing. In addition you may want to see how your topic/post/other looks on a mobile or tablet. For this purpose we have introduced a post preview button for the editor, which will allow for quick and easy previewing of posts.


Previewing content

You will see in the image below, I have created a small post using some old BBCode tags. 


Preview Button


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 20.30.06.png 

Clicking on the icon provided for post preview.  This will allow me to see how it will look on desktop, mobile, and tablet views. Giving me an easy way to see how it looks on each. You can use the x in the corner to close the window and return to the editor. 



Previewing Content


Cant see the preview button?

If you cannot see the preview button within your editor, then you may have upgraded from an earlier version and had already. You will need to add this using the toolbar editor within your admin CP. If you are unsure on how to add new buttons to your toolbar, you can see the guide referenced below, which will show you how to do this.


  Report Guide

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