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Invites and Referrals

An important part of your forum is getting new members over to your site. Your existing membership will often be a part of this, and for this reason we have given you the ability to add invite sections to your sites, in which your members can use to invite new potential members, and, if set up, gain referrals from these.


The ability to invite members directly from the site is done via the "Tell a friend" block. When this is added people can email other potential members directly from the form, or selecting the share link will provide them with a link to the site (unique if referrals are switched on), and the ability to share to social networks.


For more information on how to use the block manager, please see the following guide.


Referrals are a system available with the commerce application, which allow you to give banner links to your members to use, and gain referrals for these. In turn you can, should you choose, give commission to those members if one of their referrals signs up, and purchases an item.

You can read more about how to set up referrals in the following commerce guide.


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